Published on December 17, 2020

How to Pack Picture Frames with Confidence


Framed pictures are our preserved memories that tell the stories of our lives, so knowing how to pack picture frames with confidence is important. Chances are you’ve got frames somewhere throughout your home. A Mother’s Touch Movers knows that moving can be stressful enough without opening your framed photos (the ones you thought you packed so carefully) only to find them shattered. So let’s take a look at the best ways to pack your photographs for your move.

Materials You’ll Need to Pack Picture Frames

Before you begin packing, you will want to make sure you have the proper supplies. Now, don’t skimp here. Just like packing wine glasses, you’ll need materials that provide lots of cushion.  It’s easy to think you can use any old packing box and a few pieces of fabric for cushion and call it a day. While this MIGHT work, do you really want to leave your memories to chance? We suggest you include these supplies on your moving packing list:

  1. Bubble wrap
  2. Thick blankets/towels
  3. Packing tape
  4. Mirror box (for larger frames)
  5. Sturdy packing boxes (for multiple smaller frames)
  6. Packing paper

For larger framed items (don’t forget artwork as well), you want to begin assembling the mirror box. MakeSpace suggests purchasing a mirror box that is slightly larger than the framed piece you will be packing within. Once the box is assembled, be sure to secure one end with packing tape.


How to Pack Picture Frames

Now you are ready to get started with the frame.

Step 1 Create a Soft Surface

You will want to create a soft surface on which you can pack the frame to protect the glass. This is where a thick blanket or a few towels come in. Lay them down and do the packing portion on top.

Step 2 Lay your packing paper & bubble wrap

Next up, lay your packing paper on top of the soft space. Lay your frame, mirror side down, on the packing paper and tape accordingly. Be sure to wrap the frame tightly and secure with packing tape.

Step 3 Your outer box

Now repeat this step with bubble wrap for added protection. Insert the frame into the box, and you are done!

We should note that for multiple smaller frames, the steps are the same. Each photograph should be individually wrapped and placed within the packing box. For added security, place additional packing paper inside the box to provide extra cushion and security.

Choose a Mother’s Touch Movers Melbourne Florida

Packing is rarely something folks look forward to, and we get it. This is why A Mother’s Touch Movers loves to provide helpful tips that hopefully streamline the process. Of course, we would love to do it all for you. From start to finish we can provide fully customized moving services.

We pride ourselves on the professional courteous packing moving services we provide to the residents of Melbourne, FL. We know you want all of your belongings to arrive intact and in one piece. Contact our office today for more information. Happy moving!


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