Published on September 21, 2020

The BEST Way to Pack Wine Glasses


There is a reason you put the wine glasses high on a shelf. Perhaps the crystal stemware has been passed down to you by a beloved family member or is a memento to years past. For whatever reason, when it’s time for wine, you want your glasses there. 

It is especially true after a move. After a long day of unboxing your items, the last thing you want to deal with is broken glass. A Mother’s Touch Movers knows how frustrating it can be when items don’t make it to their destination intact. It’s a bummer, which is why we provide top-notch professional moving services for the residents of Melbourne, FL, and beyond. We can pack up every last item in your home to help take a load off. However, if you’d like to pack up solo, we get that too. Here are some tips on how to pack your wine glasses to survive a move.

Purchase the Right Boxes

The first step is to purchase the right boxes. We recommend a dish pack box because it is twice the thickness of standard packing boxes. It is sturdier and protects your most fragile items. We also suggest purchasing inserts for your dish pack boxes. The individual cells within the inserts will keep your glasses in place. Before you place the inserts into the box, add a layer of packing paper to create an extra cushion.

Add Paper or Bubble Wrap

Now that you have your boxes prepped, it’s time to add paper. You can use packing paper or old newspapers. If you want to go all out, you can add bubble wrap into the mix. 

Wrap Wine Glasses Individually

Next up, you will want to wrap each glass individually. Lay paper flat out on a hard surface. Place one wine glass on top of the paper at one end and roll, tucking the ends in as you go. Think burrito here! Repeat this step at least once more to ensure your glass is fully protected and provides a buffer between the cell and the glassware. 

Add Additional Paper and Tape Box

Once you have your box full, add additional paper to insulate and protect your glasses. And voila, you are almost done. Be sure to tape your box securely and label it fragile. 

A Mother’s Touch

Honestly, moving can suck the life out of you. There is so much to consider long before you settle into your new home. After all, the process of moving can be more tiresome than the day of the move itself. This is just one of the reasons why A Mother’s Touch Movers, Melbourne’s premier moving company with thirty years of moving industry experience, is here to assist you with all of your moving needs. Please contact our office today for more information and let us get you moving stress-free.

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