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Top 5 Items on Your Home Safety Checklist

Top 5 Items on Your Home Safety Checklist

residential home safetyYour move is complete! Do you feel relieved? We certainly hope so. You’ve pulled off a major feat and now it is time to get settled. The moving checklist is finished and you are unpacked, perhaps with the help of our reputable moving company that serves Merritt Island and Brevard County. But, wait. There is something that you need to take care of immediately – home safety. It’s not glamorous but it is important. Do you have a checklist in place when it comes to the safety of your home? Think about it. We have lists that organize our days and tell us where we need to be and at what time. There are grocery lists to help us organize our meals. We have lists that alert us to non-negotiables at work. Do you put the same effort into your home? A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne, FL knows that owning a home feels wonderful, but there are challenges too. You can always amp up the safety of your home with a checklist that lets you know what you need to have in place as a safety measure.

Generally speaking, people hodgepodge together a document that they may go through once a year to make sure their homes are safe. However, we suggest that you have a checklist in place BEFORE you move so that you can use it the moment you are unloaded in the house. Naturally, your home went through a final inspection and you were cleared to move in. However, there are items that every homeowner should investigate right away for the safety and comfort of everyone within the home. Here are the top 5 things that should be on the list of anyone who rents or owns a home.


  1. Smoke Detectors

These are essential for survival and might be your first line of defense when it comes to saving your family from a fire. Be sure to check that the detector is functioning properly and the batteries are working. It is wise to start life in your new home with a fresh set of batteries for your smoke detector. You will never regret being prepared.


  1. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide is odorless, tasteless, and invisible. It is also deadly. Be sure that the detector is operational and the batteries are working. Some smoke detectors contain a carbon monoxide detector as well, but this is not guaranteed. Do not assume that if you have a working smoke detector that it will save you from carbon monoxide as well.


  1. Fire Extinguisher

Every home needs at least one working fire extinguisher, it can be a lifeline in case of a fire. Make sure your home has one and that is working. Place your extinguisher in a location that is easily accessible in case you need it quickly. You can store yours underneath your sink, in a laundry room or hall closet, even the garage. Just make sure it is accessible and everyone knows how to use it!


  1. Water Heater

Water heaters are susceptible to explosions and fires. You need to make sure that yours is set to 120 degrees MAX for the safety of anyone in the home and that you keep any materials or chemicals that are combustible away from your water heater.


  1. An Escape Route

We hope that you never have to implement an evacuation from your home due to fire, but just to be safe, make sure you have one in place. Right after you move into your new home, map out a route for everyone inside. It could make all the difference.

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