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Tips for Relocating Your Office

Tips for Relocating Your Office

So, your office is moving and you have been put in charge. Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Did you know that A Mother’s Touch Movers specializes in moving not only homes and senior living facilities but also offices? Yep, our professional team of movers is here and ready to assist you with an office move. We can create a custom package for your office, no matter the size, and get your team up and out in no time at all. Only need packing supplies? We have you covered. We can help you pack up the entire office space or simply help you and your team unload at the new location. Whatever you need, we can help. We know moving is never easy but here are some great tips to help get your staff ready to go.

Assemble a Team

If your office consists of you and a few other people, this step may not be necessary. However, attempting to move more than a handful of people can be a challenge. We suggest reaching out and asking for help from officemates. Chose your team and then begin by delegating tasks. The “moving team” can be given different tasks such as securing supplies and communicating with others in their space. You will want to schedule meetings throughout the moving process with your team to keep everyone up to date on what is going on.

Plan Ahead

As soon as possible, get your hands-on blueprints for the new office space. Familiarize yourself and others with the new layout and take suggestions on what can be improved. It may be that co-workers will have suggestions on how to lay out the new space to make it even better. Who knows? says that a small to medium sized office needs at least 3 months of prep before a move. For larger offices, 8 months is ideal. In each scenario, the more time you and your staff have to create an action plan, the better.

Create a Timeline

Once you know the moving date, get busy planning a flexible schedule. You will need to contact a moving company if you plan on using one. Remember that mid-week moves are easier during peak moving months. You will want to decide how to most effectively move your office. Should the officemates pack up their work belongings themselves or would a professional company like A Mother’s Touch Movers be a better choice?

During this phase, be sure to collect all contact information for everyone your office does business with. Keep the list handy and make sure working partners know that a move is coming in the near future.

Moving an office does not have to be a stressful time. With a little planning and a lot of patience, you can make it through. A Mother’s Touch Movers is here with any questions you may have. Contact us today and let us help you get a head start on your Melbourne, FL move!