Published on December 15, 2018

Navigating a Move with Children

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Your Brevard County move can be a time rife with emotions. There is the excitement of a new home search or perhaps elation at having already found the home of your dreams. You and your family may experience sadness or even grief at the reality of moving away from close friends and family. Moments of stress at the overwhelming task of packing up your current residence may also creep in. A Mother’s Touch Movers knows that a move creates an abundance of emotions in every family member and while we cannot absolve all of your worries or fears, we can provide you with professional courteous moving services in Melbourne, FL. We have the ability to assist you from start to finish and even sell packing supplies making us your one stop shop for all of your moving needs. We take care of the practical elements of your move so that you can focus on the needs of your family.

Everyone knows that moving can be challenging and this is especially true for children. Whatever you may feel as a parent, imagine how the upheaval and disruption feels for your child. According to the American Society of Pediatrics, children tend to focus on negatives when it comes to a move. They dwell on the loss of friends. They wonder if they will fit in in their new community and school. Will they belong? What will it be like? As you can see, children bear an incredible burden and may not even be able to articulate it themselves. So, how do you help a child during a move? Here are some tips we think will help you along the way.


  1. Get to Talking

Start the conversation about the move long before it happens and continue to speak openly about it with your children. Encourage your child to talk about their feelings, even if they do not have the words. For younger children, the fear may look like extra stubbornness, crying, even lashing out. This may be because they do not know how to express their thoughts to you, but keep trying! Remember that kids have big feelings, and this is okay. When you give them a safe space to speak what is on their heart, you will be rewarded.


  1. Become Acquainted

If possible, take your child to the new area in which you will reside and let them get acquainted with it. This may not always be possible due to distance or time constraints, but you can always take a quick trip on the internet. Pull up photos of your new area and let your children explore all the possibilities.


  1. Get Involved

Now that you are in your new home, it is time to get involved with the community. By showing interest in your new location and taking an active role in the neighborhood, you are encouraging your child to do the same.


Moving is hard enough without all the fears that children often experience. By taking the time to talk with them and let them know they are supported, you will give your child the gift of peace. Get involved where you are and they will follow suit. You’ve got this!

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