Published on March 17, 2020

Move-In Cleaners for the Win


When you move into your new Melbourne, FL home, whether it be an apartment, condo, single-family ranch style, or beachside villa, you want the assurance that the fresh start you crave is actually fresh. What a bummer to find the perfect property only to start a life there with broom and cleaning supplies in hand. A Mother’s Touch Movers has had the honor of serving so many of you as your trusted Brevard County movers, from Palm Bay to Melbourne to Merritt Island. We’ve been with you from packing and loading to getting all of your belongings situated in your new space. And, we’ve seen it all. Immaculate homes and dust-ridden abodes alike. We know that the last thing you want to do is a thorough cleaning of your NEW house, right? What a bummer.


Broom Clean

Some real estate contracts require that sellers leave their homes in a “broom clean” condition. Now, if you are purchasing a bank-owned home, you can forget it. Foreclosures are sold “as-is” and you, the buyer, have to deal with whatever condition the home is in with no help. That being said, homes sold by owners (including short-sales) are generally required to be in a clean state for the new owners. How clean? Well, that kind of depends on who you ask. If you are vacating a rental, you’d better believe your house should be as clean as it was when you moved in. Your security deposit and possibly your sanity depends upon it. For owners, it’s a little different. Swept floors may do the trick. It is understood that the previous owners will take their stiff with them unless stipulated in the contract. But, that’s about it.


Hire a Cleaning Company

So, where does this leave you, new homeowner? You’ve sealed the deal and signed the contract and you’ve just gotta hope the home is in move-in condition. If not, you’ve got some cleaning to do. Don’t freak out yet. You’ve got some options. Did you know that you can hire a company to come in and do a move-in clean before you, well, move in? How amazing is that? Depending on who you hire, you can determine what you want to be done to the home. From basic cleaning to full-on disinfecting from top to bottom, a move-in cleaner will do the job so that you don’t have to. Your fresh start will really be fresh. Who doesn’t want that?

For any sellers out there, you also have the option of hiring move-out cleaners. What is the advantage of paying for this service? If you have to move out before your home goes on the market, you won’t have your furniture or decor to distract buyers from dust and dirty baseboards. It makes sense to leave your home sparkling to give yourself an advantage. You won’t have to worry about grimy sinks and tubs or dust build-up that occurs over time.

Choose a Professional Moving Company

Listen, you’ve got enough on your plate as you transition from one home to another. Why not hire a professional cleaner to take some of the load off? You don’t have to move solo you know. With the help of A Mother’s Touch Movers and cleaning service, your move might actually be enjoyable.

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