Published on October 16, 2020

How to Simplify Your Move


How to Simplify Your Move

The time has finally come! You’ve signed the paperwork on your new home. What an exciting day for you and your family! Congratulations from A Mother’s Touch Movers, Melbourne, Florida’s premier professional movers with over 30 years of experience. We know the road you traveled. We have helped so many residents of Melbourne and beyond with their Brevard County moves. You’ve come so far, especially in this seller’s market. Kudos! What now? Read on to learn how to simplify your move.

How do I prepare for my Melbourne, Florida move?

The best thing you can do to prepare for a move is to plan ahead. There will undoubtedly be snafus along the way, but if you plan for the unexpected, you will eliminate a host of stresses that often accompany a move. If you’re a seasoned mover, you know what to expect on moving day. For our new movers, this post is for you! You need to take steps BEFORE moving day to ensure a smooth ride.

Magic happens when you are prepared.

Wouldn’t it be nice if fairies flew in and took care of everything? Unfortunately, you are responsible for most tasks. Professional movers like ours at A Mother’s Touch can help you every step of the way. But if you’d rather handle packing on your own, there are some steps you need to take. Let’s get you started on the right path.

Step 1. Start with a timeline.

When will the move occur? How much lead time do you have to prepare? Before you dive headfirst into supplies, boxes, and everything else you need, you will want to know how much time you have to prep. Once you discern your projected moving date, you can move ahead with confidence.

Step 2. Next, you need the proper supplies.

We suggest you have ample amounts of packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and markers to tag each of your boxes. You can find supplies almost anywhere, but if you prefer one-stop shopping, we have you covered.

Step 3. It is time to start packing.

A great place to start is with a packing list. Here is another great packing list by We suggest that you start room by room. Why? When you consider how challenging packing an entire home can be, it is easy to shut down. However, if you start small and take your time, the task at hand will feel much more doable. With your packing list in hand, take each room and pack accordingly.

Step 4. Separate essential items.

While you are packing, consider what you might need for the first few days in your new home. You may need to leave out some clothes, medicine, certain kitchen items, etc. Consider what you will need easy access to the first days in your new residence. Having easy access to your essentials, including documentation, will be of utmost importance to you, especially when you are dog tired after moving boxes and furniture into your new place. You will save yourself and your family precious energy and time.

A Mother’s Touch Movers specializes in making your move simple.

Moving a home is never easy, but it does not have to be complicated. A Mother’s Touch Movers has the experience AND expertise to help ease the stress on your move. Whatever you need, we are here to serve with a mother’s touch. Contact our office today, and let’s get you on the road to your new home.

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