Published on October 25, 2020

How to Pack Board Games


Who would have thought there was so much to consider when packing board games?

Board games are a longstanding family tradition. Anyone can get in on the fun! For generations, we’ve all sat around board games and enjoyed time together. Now that you are moving, you want to make sure your games arrive safely and intact.

Read on for expert tips on how to pack board games so that they are ready to play from day one.

Before you pack, you need to sort.

Before you secure the board games and pieces, you need to make sure you actually want to keep them. There’s no need to pack a game that is missing all its pieces. So, before you start packing, meticulously go through all your games and toss the incomplete boxes.

Now that you know your games are intact, it is time to decide if you want to take them with you to your new home. Before you start to pack, it is time to make some hard decisions. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Does my family play this game anymore?
  2. Am I still interested in keeping games for younger children?
  3. Is there someone I know who would enjoy this game I no longer play?
  4. Are there missing pieces or damage that make the game unplayable?

For games you no longer want, you can find a wonderful home for them or donate them. For games with missing pieces or damage, the trash can is the best place for them.

It’s time to start packing

You will need the proper supplies to get the job done correctly. Cardboard boxes large enough to accommodate your board games, tape, and bubble wrap for any delicate boxes will do the trick to get your games stored away. However, for the games themselves, you will want a few additional items:

  1. Ziploc bags in a variety of sizes
  2. Rubber bands

First off, take the lid off your game and find all the playing pieces. We suggest you itemize the contents and place them in a Ziploc bag. This makes for easy access when you are ready to play the game again and ensures that the pieces are in one place and do not get scattered within the playing box. Rubber bands are great for securing items like play money and playing cards.

Once you have all your pieces separated and secure, it’s time to take the boxes. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but it’s incredibly easy for a game box to come undone during moving. This one extra step will keep your games from coming apart during travel.

Now that you know how to pack board games, you are ready to go.

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