Published on October 14, 2021

Four Surprising Moving Trends that Emerged in 2021


With just a few months left in the year, it’s fair to say that 2021 has seen several surprising moving trends emerge. This year has brought a lot of surprises and for many individuals and families, there have been some big changes. For various reasons, many people have decided that 2021 is the year that they make a move to a new location, including many Florida residents. Since A Mother’s Touch Movers is a moving company franchise, we make sure to monitor the moving industry so that we can maintain a strong sense of where the market is headed. As we enter into the latter portion of the year several interesting trends have emerged in the moving industry. Whether you are looking to hire a moving company near you or planning the move yourself you’ll want to know these.

4 Moving Trends That Have Come About This Year

1. The ability to work remotely has inspired people to relocate

There is little doubt that the pandemic has changed our lives in a plethora of ways, and how and where we work is no exception. This change in where we work has resulted in many Americans reconsidering where they live. Many employees no longer feel the constraints of needing to live within a commutable distance of their employer. This has resulted in many workers taking advantage of remote work opportunities in areas of the country that they may have never considered previously, including here in Florida. In fact, one in four Americans are working from home this year and that number is expected to go up through 2025 and even beyond. By the end of this year, a projected 14 to 23 million Americans will have moved due to opportunities to work remotely.

2. Overall, More Americans are moving in 2021 than in 2020

In our Florida Moving Facts blog post we touched on some of the moving data from 2020 and the thousands of people who moved to Florida last year. In that blog, we outlined a multitude of reasons why so many people would want to move to the Sunshine State and in particular Brevard. Over 300,000 people have moved to our state in the last year, but many projections forecasted even larger moving numbers in 2021 and thus far the forecasts have proven accurate. In fact, 2021 has seen a 21% rise in moving nationwide over 2020.

Last year the pandemic was the major driving force in people moving, but in 2021 that has not proven to be the number one reason for why people are choosing to move. Instead, it seems that a lower cost of living is encouraging people to seek a new homestead. It seems that many people are also choosing to live closer to family. As a result, people are flocking to Florida and choosing places like Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Viera to enjoy the family-friendly and lower-cost lifestyle when compared to other parts of the country. A Mother’s Touch Movers has assisted dozens of families and individuals as they relocate in and around the Space Coast.

3. Movers are seeking more space and smaller communities

As people in the United States grow more accustomed to working remotely and seeking a lower cost of living it’s culminating in people seeking more space and smaller communities. Potential movers are looking for more space outdoors, bigger kitchens, and room for a home office. People don’t need to live near the office anymore and they are choosing to move to places where they can spread out and have more room to live. They are seeking out smaller towns where they feel connected with their community and less connected to work.

For these reasons, many individuals and families are choosing to move away from large metropolises and relocate to Brevard County to settle in places like Melbourne, Viera, and their surrounding municipalities.

4. More people are choosing to be homeowners

Yet another surprising moving trend that has emerged this year is that more people are choosing to own a home. Various surveys conducted with movers this year have shown that people intend to own the home that they are moving into rather than rent. This is probably due in large part to rental rates rising while mortgage rates are dropping. That means that movers in Melbourne, Viera, and other parts of Florida are seeking to own their dwellings at a higher rate than we have seen in the past.

A Mother’s Touch Movers Is Here to Help

The year isn’t over and there are still moves to be made. If you are considering making a move A Mother’s Touch Movers would be honored to help. We are an industry leader when it comes to residential movers. We take pride in our ability to take a stressful event like moving and make it a little bit easier. We can assist you with your move from start to finish by helping you smartly pack your belongings, move them safely and efficiently, and then unpack them and set them up in your new home. We excel at coming up with a custom moving plan for each customer to meet their specific needs. Call A Mother’s Touch Moving, the leading Brevard County moving company, for your free in-person or virtual estimate today.

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