Published on May 28, 2021

Florida Moving Facts


1000’s of Americans are moving here and 1000’s of Floridians are relocating throughout the State.

Where and why are so many moving to Florida?

With 30 years of experience moving Florida families and businesses, A Mother’s Touch Movers, the superior moving company in Melbourne, FL, answers the questions, “Why Florida?” and “Where in Florida?” are people going.  We know moving in Brevard County, it is our home county, our beloved community, and we can certainly share the unique highlights of the Space Coast.  Yet, we have also successfully completed thousands of commercial and residential moves to and from all corners of our great State – Key West to Pensacola, Jacksonville to Naples.  And, every Florida coast from the panhandle throughout the peninsula including the Forgotten, Emerald, Treasure, First, and the Space Coast, which is leading the state in attraction of millennials.  Florida is the gem of the nation for relocation, but don’t just take our word, check out what others are saying.

Florida Daily: “Americans are moving to low-tax states like Florida which has no state income tax. The report showed that California was seeing the most people leaving it followed by Illinois and New Jersey.”

Florida Attorney General Moody (in a recent public announcement): “Florida is red hot. Our low taxes, growing economy, common-sense leadership, and great weather has people from all over rushing to move here.”

Strategistico, a leading online platform for strategic insights on the future of living with researched solutions, reports the following for 2021:

Over 300,000 people have moved to Florida within the last year, and there are plenty of reasons why it has become so popular.

  • Affordability – there are numerous cities across the state where the median cost for a house is under $150,000 while there is also no state income tax in Florida.
  • Job Opportunities – Florida has the fastest employment growth rate among all large states and is constantly above the national average
  • Warm Climate – Florida is the warmest state in the U.S.and also has the mildest winters in the nation.
  • Beach Life – some of Florida’s best cities are located right on the beachfront and even cities in the middle of the state are never really more than one hour away from a beach.
  • Entertainment – you will never get bored in Florida as it is home to 12 major league sports teams, amusement parks like Disney World and Universal Studios, numerous golf courses, and is always a stop for the biggest concert tours.

Moving to Florida’s Space Coast

So, what about the Space Coast is attracting an inspiring amount of new millennial residents?  Millennials value a high quality of work/life balance and they are mobile.  Moving within Florida or moving to Florida, is not as heavy of a lift as it might be for established baby boomers and parents of school-age children.

Space Coast Daily News: “There is more to Florida than retirees and Mickey Mouse.  The Space Coast has carved its mark as a backdrop to some of the most influential moments in human history. With surfing beaches, arts districts, and a reasonable cost of living, the area is the perfect place for millennials to move.”

  • Employers are eager to hire high-skilled millennials – recent college graduates offer relevant education and talent for the high-tech / high-wage / healthcare workforce demands on the Space Coast.
  • Affordable cost of living – Brevard County is the largest in land area of Florida’s 67 counties allowing for whatever type of living preferred: urban downtown and art districts, rural or suburban, or coastal.
  • Young entrepreneurship and public service opportunities are abundant.
  • The downtown areas of Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Eau Gallie, and Titusville are thriving with revitalization, entertainment, and local culture.
  • Brevard County offers over 72 miles of coastline, more than any other Florida county — beach access, water sports from surfing to fishing, and leisure activities are just steps away.
  • NIMBY (Not-in-my-backyard) — Disney and the fast-paced, high tourism environments of Miami, Orlando, and Tampa are not in your backyard on the Space Coast, but an occasional roundtrip commute for the day will cost you no more than a tankful or even less.

Space Coast Daily News:  “The population of 20 to 29-year-olds on the Space Coast has grown faster than the rest of the country. Young people aren’t following their parents and grandparents by moving to a big city to start a career.  They want to establish a home in a cohesive community that supports a work-life balance. People are getting the message that towns like Melbourne, Florida offers opportunities you won’t find elsewhere. Brevard County residents can have an outsized impact on their community and affect change in their government.”

Top 10 Relocation Destinations when Moving in Florida

So, whether you are a millennial or at a more mature stage of life, moving in Florida — the gem of the nation for relocation — is soaring.  Here are the 10 fastest growing cities according to Stategistico’s analyzation of the latest Census data for 2021, ranked from 10th to 1st, with a few fun facts added.

  1. Winter Haven — Home to the first Publix supermarket ever.
  2. West Melbourne – The smallest city of the top 10 cited, yet that is its charm, and is named one of the fastest up and coming cities in Florida.
  3. Winter Garden – The fastest growing suburb of Orlando and boasts one of the best school systems in the nation.
  4. Clermont – Just west of Orlando, Clermont is known for distinct rolling hills and numerous lakes giving it a strong reputation among triathletes as its unique geography meets all their training requirements
  5. Ocoee – With easy access to all of the major attractions in Orlando and offers relatively affordable housing given its prime location.
  6. Bonita Springs – Identified as a great city for retirees, landing on Money Magazine’s 8 Best Places to Retire list, and featuring  57% of its residents aged 50 or older.
  7. Fort Myers — Fort Myers is expected to enjoy above average growth rates in its job market over the next 10 years, at an expansion of 44% vs. the U.S. average of 35%.
  8. Doral — is the fastest growing suburb of Miami, has increased investing in new mixed-use living and entertainment complexes, and attracted several large companies, such as Univision and Carnival Corporation, which help contribute to its booming job market as well.
  9. St. Cloud — Despite its fast growth, St. Cloud has stuck to its motto of “Celebrating Small Town Life” and continues to deliver the charming feeling of a more intimate community.
  10. Parkland – Out of state and in state Florida movers have been flocking to Parkland to take advantage of its quiet and safe neighborhoods and high-quality school system while still being close to the large cities and the beach.

Considering Making your Florida Move?

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