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What Not To Pack

What Not To Pack

When moving, there are items that are easy to move and the good news is that most items fall under this category. Items included in this category include your furniture, clothing, and most electronics – you get the idea.

And then there are the items that require special packing and handling. Most moving companies will not move these items if they are not properly prepared. Even if you’re moving without a moving company, you’ll want to take great care in packing these items, especially if you’re moving across a long distance.

There are items which a very dangerous and, in fact, illegal to move. Any material that is flammable, corrosive or explosive fall under this category. These include acid, pesticides, motor oil, gasoline, paint, car batteries, regular batteries, nail polish, bleach, (any hazardous household chemicals, really), ammunition, and loaded weapons. Many camping items should also not be moved, including charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, lamp oil, and propane. When in doubt, leave it out.

If you have dangerous items, call your local recycling service, fire station, or the closest Environmental Protection Agency office to find out how to properly dispose of these items. You could even ask your neighbor if they want them. It wouldn’t hurt to visit them one last time anyway.

If your move is a local, you may be able to take perishable food items with you, provided you use proper packing and storing techniques. Be careful with meat, eggs, and dairy products – they’ll spoil quickly.

If you’re moving far away, just throw those perishables away or, better yet, donate them to a local homeless shelter. Also, you may want to find a new home for your plants. But, if you do decide you want to bring your household or outdoor plants, make sure they are properly packed and stored. You can always call A Mother’s Touch Movers to find out details on how to do this.

A Mother’s Touch moves your items with great care. But some people still won’t trust anyone with their high-value items – and that’s okay. Now, when we say “high-value items,” we don’t necessarily mean items which cost a lot of money. We mean more of a high sentimental value. Items you can’t live without. These are the items you would grab first if your house were to catch fire.

So, if you’re thinking twice about moving items such as this, you can rest assured A Mother’s Touch Movers will treat your valuable items with the utmost care and respect. If you’re still on edge about letting us move them, here’s what you can do: You may want to photocopy all important documents such as passports, licenses, and insurance records, just in case. Make an electronic backup of any home movies, pictures, and computer software. Pack a “must-have” box that contains medicines and prescriptions. And you may want a “must have” folder filled with address books, photo albums, deeds, tax records, school records, letters, stocks, children’s artwork, and whatever else you couldn’t bear to lose. Again, just in case.

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