Published on June 24, 2015

Should I Hire a Senior Move Specialist Like A Mother’s Touch?

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Here in Florida, there’s an ever-present need for specialized senior services, like the type you’ll find at A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne. And as more and more people reach the age or retirement, those people will see themselves eventually downsizing from large, spacious homes into smaller places, whether it’s an assisted living facility or a one- or two-bedroom apartment or condo.

Downsizing is always a difficult move to make, but downsizing due to aging and to lessen the load of responsibility is even more difficult, both physically and emotionally. So if you need to downsize your living area and move to a smaller place, or you know someone who does, but the idea of planning, organizing, and actually moving feels completely overwhelming, you should consider hiring a professional to help.

A Senior Move Specialist? What is That?

A senior move specialist is someone who you hire to help with your move. They should have experience with moving, they should be knowledgeable in managing projects, and they should have a strong understanding of the emotional turmoil created by such a move. Yes, a senior move specialist like A Mother’s Touch Movers should be able to help you with everything from organizing and getting rid of objects you no longer need or can’t bring with you, to being a good mover that helps you settle into your new home.

Every specialist will have a different set of skills, services and experiences, so look for someone who has everything you need. Some people may only need assistance with sorting, discarding old items, and packing your belongings. Others may need help with every single step along the way. Before you begin researching such services, it’s a good idea to know what you’ll need.

Services They May Offer:

A senior move specialist may organize the entire move, from beginning with a plan and schedule, to helping you settle in. They may assist you in sorting through your house and its contents, helping you decide what to take and what to throw away. They may help dispose of, donate, or sell things you’re not moving. They may help you sell and find a new home, making sure your transportation is accounted for, and organizing a smooth transition with your family or friends. They may help layout and setup your new home, including optimal furniture placement and turning on utility services. They may unpack for you. They may help you settle into your new environment and community, including assisting you in finding a new place or worship, new social groups, and new recreational activities. And they may help you locate community services such as home care and repair, cleaning assistance, or grocery delivery.

Change is difficult, and this change in particular is one of the most underrated, overwhelming changes one will ever experience. If you or someone you love is facing a drastic change such as this, it’s a good idea to seek the support of a senior move specialist like the kind you’ll find with A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne, Florida.

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