Published on February 23, 2021

Self-Packing vs. Professional Packing


A Mother’s Touch Movers is a premier Brevard County moving company serving Florida for over 30 years. If you are one of the millions of Americans working and schooling from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you have likely become even more familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of your house. Perhaps you have considered DIY renovations, new flooring, taking down a wall or two, converting the garage to office space, whatever.  Or maybe you have realized, “This home is just not right for our family anymore and it is time to make a move?”

According to new Census data, nearly 31 million Americans moved within the U.S. in 2019. An average of 10 percent of the population moves every year.

We are here to help simplify stress and amplify excitement during your relocation.  Once you have sold your home or purchased a new one, one of the next biggest decisions is the often-dreaded packing process. We can help you tackle the issue of self-packing vs. professional packing to ensure that your precious possessions arrive intact.

Make the right choice for you and your family to avoid ever having to say … “I’M NEVER MOVING AGAIN!”

Some Factors to Consider:

  • Honestly evaluate your organizational talents. The only thing worse than not being able to quickly access your most important items or sensitive documents upon arrival is opening an improperly packed box with shattered memorabilia.
  • In your moving budget, definitely consider the cost of your time and stress.
    • Did you sell your home quickly? At A Mother’s Touch Movers, it is not uncommon for a family home to list, sell, close, and need to be moved within 30 days.  Trying to move a household, working full-time, with children in school or on Zoom at home, is a lot to ask of yourself, friends, and family.
  • Self-packing can be convenient if you are on a leisure schedule – a little before school in the morning, more in the evening after work, all day Sunday, you get the idea. Plus, you will have the time to sort and label your items in your own meaningful way with those who know you best. It is often said, “You know who your real friends are when they show up to help you move!”
  • Evaluating the quality and estimating the number of packing materials needed to protect your valuables may not be as simple as you think.
    • Free or reused moving boxes will save you money but they may be unclean, previously water damaged and dried out, or just weak. They may break, tear, or even collapse under weight costing you money to repair or replace the contents.
    • Make-shift wrapping, padding, and non-industrial tape are thrifty alternatives, but will not be as effective as professional-grade packing materials – Styrofoam, bubble wrap, industrial tape, garment-care, and heavy-duty boxes, etc.
    • Newspaper is often used as a protective wrap, but it can leave discoloration or ink that is difficult to remove from fragile items. The professionals often use foam wrapping and foam sleeves for delicate pieces.
  • Be realistic about whether you are comfortable and trusting, or anxious and apprehensive, of professionally experienced packers handling your personal belongings.

Bottom Line Is:

  • Weigh all the self-packing and professional packing pros and cons. Saving time and money is certainly important. However, often movers do not accept liability for items you have packed yourself and will require proper repacking before loading.
  • If you do self-pack, definitely purchase quality packing materials from your Brevard County moving company, a local home improvement store, or online to ensure optimal unpacking and intactness of your items. Self-packers incur damage risks.
  • Let’s face it, professional packers are really good. Sure, you know your personal stuff the best, but they know how to pack anyone’s stuff efficiently and protectively. With Florida’s top-in-the-nation real estate market, they have likely seen and mastered every packing scenario imaginable, providing added confidence, convenience, and expertise.
  • When seeking a professional moving company in Brevard County or throughout Florida, do your research. Read the reviews from real people with circumstances similar to yours – budget-conscious, tight timeline, fragile or heavy items, short in town, or long haul in-state moves, etc.
  • Like A Mother’s Touch Movers, family-owned and operated for over 30 years, the company must be licensed, bonded, insured, with experienced team members trained in COVID-19 precautions, and background checked.

Choose Premiere Brevard County Moving Company – A Mother’s Touch Movers

Whether you choose to self-pack with family and friends, hire professional packers, or a hybrid of both options, contact the experts at A Mother’s Touch Movers, serving Brevard County and all of Florida. They will gladly assist you with a free estimate and consultation personalized to your preference and requirements. Their goals are simple — to help you achieve a stressless, exciting move to your new home, and remain the premier moving company in Melbourne, FL for generations to come.

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