Published on December 30, 2021

New Mover Resolutions


If you are planning a residential move in the New Year you are already setting yourself up for many life changes and new beginnings. Why not add a few more personal goals by making a few moving-related resolutions? As the New Year approaches there’s no better time to make changes, particularly if a move is in your near future. So, with that in mind, here are a few new mover resolutions that you may want to consider adopting.

Recycle More

This is an extremely common resolution that is mainly about making a life change. As you begin to pack up your belongings in preparation for your move you’re already going through the process of making a new life for yourself. Packing for a move is the perfect time to reevaluate what things are a necessity, what items probably don’t need to come along with you to your new home. Don’t just keep stuff for the sake of keeping it. If an item no longer serves a purpose or is bereft of any sentimental value, then it’s time to let it go. However, you shouldn’t just haul your trash to the dump and drop it off. It’s much better to donate or give away your unwanted possessions like furniture, tools, appliances, and clothing to others who may be able to make use of them.

It’s also good to keep recycling in mind for your new home as well. If after you are done moving you find that there are certain items that you still need for your home, you may want to consider visiting local thrift shops and other vintage stores to obtain these pieces instead of buying new ones. You may end up finding the perfect addition to your new home at a greatly reduced price.

Mitigate Pre-Moving Stress

When you enter into full-blown moving mode you’ll no doubt find yourself with a long list of moving-related tasks to complete. Combine those moving-related tasks with other ancillary chores such as registering your vehicle in a new state, changing banks, or notifying the post office of your address change and it’s a recipe for non-stop stress. The last thing you and your family want to deal with in a new town is having to take care of administrative errands that fell to the bottom of your to-do list prior to your move. As you enter into the moving process make sure to update your address and map out important offices in the new town like the post office, Department of Motor Vehicles and City Hall. Make sure to set aside time to take care of business before or just after your move. This small bit of planning can really help remove a certain amount of stress from your life.

Mitigate Post-Moving Stress

After your move, you won’t lack stressors in your life. One of the greatest irritations of moving into a new home is having to stare a tome after room of boxes that need to be unpacked. Stacks of full boxes all over your home aren’t just an eye sore, it’s also inconvenient. No one wants to have to dig through boxes to find what they need. Looking for kitchen and bathroom articles in boxes scattered all around your house is not a fun way to begin life in your new home. Set aside a weekend to unpack and set up everything in your house. It may not be the most exciting way to spend a weekend, but once it’s done you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Take Time to Enjoy Your New Surroundings

Once your residential move is over take time to explore the area. Seek out local parks and attractions and pay them a visit. Use your first few weekends to venture out from your own neighborhood and get off of the beaten path. There nothing like making a new start and as you say goodbye to old favorite haunts, make sure to take time to discover new favorite locations. The process of moving is stressful, so once the boxes are unpacked and the minutia of life has been addressed venture out on a day tip and unwind.

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