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Moving Your Business Efficiently

Moving Your Business Efficiently

Planning Your Office Move

Moving Your OfficeMoving an office is a huge undertaking, but with some help.. you can do this! The key to commercial moving is getting everyone to help. Building a skilled and qualified team who can help motivate and coordinate the office staff is a great start.

First, you’ll want to create timeline that will allow you enough time for the entire moving process. Coordinate with the rest of your moving team and your coworkers to make sure your timeline is realistic. Small offices might need up to three months to prepare a move. Medium and large offices might need six to eight months. The earlier you begin moving, the better.

Next, gather all possible information on the new office. Blueprints or floor layouts help identify electrical outlets, bathroom locations, storage space, and other essential components to help determine the office layout. Having a general layout plan of your current space is a good idea too, so that you can compare the two. Identify any problems you foresee with the new space, such as a smaller conference room area or smaller storage area so that you can deal with these issues as soon as possible.

If walls need to be constructed or painted, you may need to hire painters or carpenters. Be sure any additional construction is completed before the move. For an office with more than a couple of employees, it’s a good idea to appoint someone from each department to coordinate their corresponding area. This way, employees can take responsibility for heir own area. It’s also a great way to utilize other viewpoints on the move.

Make sure to hold meetings regularly and discuss the details of the project at hand. Make sure everyone knows their duties relating to packing up their office or workspace. This will keep everyone informed and to lessen the worries, the concerns, and the stress. Communication will lessen the stress. Ask each department manager or supervisor what they’ll require in their area. You might need specialists like telephone line installers or computer network specialists. Don’t forget about common areas such as the lobby, storage areas and break rooms.

Keep a contact list and keep track of everyone you do business with. Let your suppliers and your clients know that you’re moving. One person can be in charge of this task. Obviously, informing your suppliers and clients about your move is critical to ensure you retain customers throughout the process.

One of the most critical elements in an office move is to hire the right movers. A Mother’s Touch Movers is in the business of moving your business.

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