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Moving Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Moving Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Moving? There’s a life hack for that. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, ‘life hack,’ it’s just what all the cool kids are calling ‘tips’ nowadays. Anyway, here are some unconventional yet clever moving tips and tricks you can use to help your move go a little more smoothly.

Clean your socks and slip them around your wine glasses. Yes, socks covering wine glasses can help provide padding for these delicate items. Not only is this tip free, it uses one set of belongings to protect another, freeing up a little space in the process. Brilliant!

This next tip will only cost you a pack of Styrofoam plates. Instead of wrapping every individual plate in newspaper or bubble wrap, or plunking down money on those pre-packaged dish packs, just buy a pack of Styrofoam plates. Stack the disposable plates in between each real plate and they’ll work as padding. Genius!

Use a worn sheet as an added layer of protection around your mattress or a piece of furniture. You don’t have to use a fancy sheet – an old, cheap sheet will work by taking an accidental stain or rip as opposed to your mattress or couch upholstery. As an added benefit, using sheets to pack also frees up more box space. Clever!

Instead of taking the time to label every single box, you can just color-code them. Purchase color dots or several different colors of duct tape, assign a specific color for every room, and apply the appropriate color sticker on each box. You might want to make a legend to keep track of your colors. Nifty!

If you’ve got suitcases with wheels to spare, use them to move heavy things like your books. Boxes are hard to carry and they’ll rip or break when the contents are too heavy.
Use garbage bags to pack your clothes. Just take a garbage bag, pull it up around your hanging clothes, and tie up the open end by the hangers. It’s a quick, easy way to pack your closet. Amazing!

You’ve got your decorations arranged perfectly now, but duplicating your mastery of design may be very difficult in your new place. So take pictures and use them as an unpacking guide. Pictures also protect your belongings for insurance purposes – you’ll have proof, just in case something damages them in the move. Stellar!

Let the TV be the last thing you unpack. Yes, you will want to relax. Yes, the couch looks so comfortable in your new home. But those boxes are calling your name. Fight the urge to stop, ride that momentum, and unpack those boxes. By unpacking the TV last, you can finally bask in the glory of a moving job well done… AFTER it’s all done. Hooray!

Perhaps the best tip of all is to call A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne, FL. Our licensed moving company makes your move seamless and easy whatever your situation calls for. We move everyone from young families to seniors and can help you every step of the way.

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