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Maintenance Projects

Maintenance Projects

A Mother’s Touch Movers has had the honor of assisting people move in Brevard County for years now. Our team of expert movers has helped families of all ages and sizes relocate, downsize, transition to assisted living facilities, and more. We know how challenging the moving process can be and that is why we are committed to helping our clients transition with ease.

We also know that you may have some home maintenance projects to deal with after moving in to a new residence. Here are some tips from your Melbourne, FL moving company to help you on the road to home maintenance completion:

Patio Deck

Examine the deck for stains, warping, discolorations, and cracks. Look out for loose or rusting nails, rotting and splintered wood, and sharp edges, too. Before you reseal the deck (should you find any such problems), pour some water onto a deck that is dry and make sure that the old application works (the water should bead up). Examine stairs and railings to ensure strength/security of them.


Because of our powerful sun, our roofs (particularly shingles) get damaged quickly. Collect up leaves and debris, and fix cracks or leaks. (Hire a certified inspector/contractor, if necessary.) Examine gutters for leaks and make sure the downspouts push water away from the house’s foundation (you don’t want a flood in the basement).

House Foundation

If there are low areas around your house, level them with compacted soil to lessen the amount of pooling water that happens when it rains. These water puddles are mosquito-breeding territory.


Attic roofs should be assessed for leaks, deterioration, discoloration, and dirt stains. If you find them on the roof’s insulation or underside, hire a contractor to repair.

Look for seepage signs through the foundation in the basement; check the floor, trim, and walls. Also, make sure the sump pump still works well, and always have a backup battery handy for it. To guard against floods in the basement, assess the foundation around your house. If there are cracks or imperfections, seal or hire a contractor to seal.

Air Conditioning System

Hire a qualified HVAC contractor to work on your A/C system, and have this check-up performed each year. This will help make sure the system is working on the correct efficiency level, and will also help lower your bills!

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