Published on June 1, 2016

Ladder Safety

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Injuries related to ladders account for thousands of emergency room trips each year, so make sure you aren’t taking unnecessary risks when you use ladders. The need for them is absolutely necessary when it comes to setting up your new residence or packing away items from your old home. A Mother’s Touch knows that safety is always a priority when it comes to packing and unloading a household and whether or not you choose to use our services, we want you to be safe. Take care with the following tips from A Mother’s Touch Movers below:

• Use a ladder that gives you the necessary height, and make sure extension ladders are three feet above the work surface. Do not step on the top two steps of a stepladder for more safety. Check the ladder’s ‘Duty Rating,’ which must be higher than your weight and any supplies you are carrying. If you are near electrical wires, don’t use aluminum ladders, because they conduct electricity (use wood or fiberglass ladders instead).

• Regularly look for dents, cracks, and loose, missing, or damaged hardware on the ladder before use. If the ladder leans to one side when you set it up, don’t use it.

• Do not overreach and strain yourself or your balance. The middle of your belt buckle should be between the side rails, and always keep 3 points on contact on the ladder.

• Wear clean, slip-resistant shoes with heavy soles (not leather soles), and clean the soles of shoes for better traction

• Climb slowly, avoid sudden movements, don’t climb if you’re tired or dizzy, and don’t try to move a ladder while standing on it

• Do not use ladders in storms or in high winds, and set them up on firm ground and away from closed doors that can open toward the ladder

• Always read the safety labels for the ladder.

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