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Don’t Do This – Moving Edition

Don’t Do This – Moving Edition

We try to keep things light and positive here at A Mother’s Touch Movers. We have helped so many here in Brevard County, FL move to and from their places of residence or office spaces, from Melbourne to Palm Bay, the beaches and beyond. We’ve seen quite a bit over the years and have a good idea of what works and what does not when it comes to a move. Whether you haven’t given yourself enough time to pack sufficiently or believe you are immune to injury, there are certainly things you will want to take care of to ensure that your move is a success. Let’s take a look at some common moving mistakes.

Assuming Things Will Just Happen

This may sound harsh, but if you do not know what is important when it comes to a move, you may get lost in all the hustle and bustle. Be sure to prioritize all the things you need to get done and take care of the most significant things first. You will want to begin thinking about your move at least 4-5 months before it actually happens. Creating a checklist of all that must take place is a great idea and can keep you organized along the way.

Assuming Packing is the Easy Part

Ha! Sure, finding a new home or office space is challenging. Navigating the real estate market is hard no matter who you are. However, once you’ve settled on a new location do not assume that packing is the easy part. We have seen countless families struggle because they did not take the time to pack properly. In order to ease this process, begin thinking about how you will pack the moment you know a move is in order. It is also wise to sort through all of your belongings before you pack up your home. It wastes time and resources to move items that you do not plan on keeping long term. Storage facilities are a possibility, but these can be costly over time. Make sure you actually want to keep the things you are carrying with you.

Assuming a Moving Company Costs Too Much

According to, many people assume that hiring a professional moving company is out of their price range and do not even explore the option. We can tell you that A Mother’s Touch Movers has the ability to create unique moving packages for just about anyone based on the specific needs of the move. We can load and unload trucks that have been rented for a move. We can pack and load up one of our trucks. We can also handle the move from start to finish and everything in between. Before you decide you cannot afford a moving company, give us a chance to prove you wrong!

Assuming You Will Have Help

We know your family and friends are the best! They are always there for you and, of course, they want to spend the day sweating it out in the Florida sun helping you move. Who wouldn’t?

In all seriousness, when moving day comes make sure you have planned for it and never assume that people will just show up. Start asking for help long before the day comes so that you will be prepared for the number of people who are planning on showing up to help out.

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