Published on May 28, 2020

A Mother’s Touch Movers Adds Truck Number Seven to the Fleet


A Mother’s Touch Movers of Melbourne, FL is pleased to add truck number seven to our moving fleet! Owner Sean Stein explains the importance of having pristine, matching moving trucks, and how his approach has helped him grow this business over the years.


Expanding Your Moving Company

“Hey, it’s Sean Stein with A Mother’s Touch Movers. We just got truck number seven in today. As you can see, we ordered this truck and it took about six months to build it. We’re really excited about getting this one out on the road. It’s always good to expand. We’re looking forward to this truck being out on the road tomorrow. You always want to get that next truck, but you don’t want to do it too soon because you also have to add employees when it comes to that. So, you want to make sure you have the right employees.


You actually want to try to have those employees before that truck comes. You’re going to see when you’re booking out six trucks and refusing jobs because you don’t have another truck. You know, it’s time to go ahead and get another job. You want to keep your equipment up, and you want to keep your trucks up. That stuff needs to look good. The first impression – you only got one chance of that when you pull up your customer’s house. I remember one time we were doing this job and we get there in the morning and the lady had taken her kids to school. We had already backed the truck in the driveway, got the truck opened up, and I was inside doing the paperwork with her husband.


About that time she came walking in. The first thing she said is, “I’m not worried about anything. If they take care of my furniture the way they take care of the back of that truck, I know this job is going to be perfect.” It’s a classic example of how you have one chance for a first impression. When you pull up and you open those doors, and your pads are nice and neat, and all your equipment, good equipment, is nice and neat, customers see that. That’s something that really stands out to somebody because they want a mover that’s going to come in and take care of their stuff the same way you’re going to take care of their trucks. It’s also easier for your guys when you have great equipment.

A Mother’s Touch Movers Welcomes Truck Seven to the Family

Remember that your trucks and equipment are really, besides your employees, the most important thing you have when you’re out here in the moving industry. Trucks are very important when it comes to branding because that’s what people are seeing every day out there on the road. When they continuously see the same thing every day with your trucks, they’re going to remember you. I pretty much buy international trucks. As you can see, we also use the Kentucky boxes; they’re pretty much standard. They look all the same. I think that having everything look pretty identical is very important. When you’ve got those three truck jobs and they all pull up looking the same, not all dented up, all rusty and no paint. The paint and the branding – you’re going to pay a little extra for that blue paint – but let me tell you, it’s a big moving billboard. That’s what you want. It’s going to pay off in the long run for you. Not only do you want it looking good, but you’ve got to keep it washed and clean, especially in lovebug season down here in Florida. You know, it’s an everyday occurrence that you’re washing these trucks.”


If you live in Palm Bay, Viera, Merritt Island, or anywhere in Brevard County and are looking for a reputable moving company, call A Mother’s Touch Movers today.

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