Published on September 6, 2022

3 Tips on How to Pack to Make Your Move Easier


One of the most important parts of any move is the packing part. A vast majority of people attempt to pack and move their own items only to either lose or break their stuff. However, if you follow 3 simple rules of packing your move will be significantly easier.

When packing for a move it is important that you follow the following 3 rules. First, pack all fragile items together and surround them with either packing foam or padding. Second, pack away items you will need on the first day in your new home. Third, always pack the largest items first to save space and trips.

It is important that you follow these tips when packing. The team here at A Mother’s Touch Movers has over 30 years of experience professionally packing and moving guests across the greater Brevard County Area in Florida. If you’re looking to save time, stress, and energy then reach out to us for a free no-obligation discussion regarding the needs of your upcoming move.

Let’s jump right into the 3 ways to pack to make your move easier.

Pack All Fragile Items Together and Surround Them With Packing Foam or Padding

This first tip is extremely helpful for people who have several items that are fragile and prone to breaking if handled poorly.

Lots of people pack their fragile items into boxes with durable items and without padding. As they move and stack the boxes into the moving vehicle they hear the sound of cracking and breaking as their most valuable items are shattered from the weight and jostling of the move.

Once they get to their new home or business they will open the boxes to horror as their most valuable items are destroyed. This mistake can be easily prevented by simply packing all valuable items together and surrounding them with packing foam or padding.

Once the fragile items are packed away into their own box you should put this box and all other fragile ones aside. Clearly label each of these boxes with the word ‘fragile’ to tell everyone that they should be handled with care. These boxes should be loaded into the moving vehicle last and in the most secure spots.

Normally when we are moving a client we make sure to load these boxes into the most secure parts of our moving trucks. It is not uncommon to have these boxes on one of our expert mover’s laps as they give it the white glove treatment from point A to point B. If you tell us that you need a set of items handled with care you can rest easy knowing that it will arrive without any damage to it.

As such, the first tip on how to pack to make your move easier is to simply pack all the fragile items into the same box and surround them with packing foam or padding. Whatever you do not pack fragile items with normal items as they will almost always break.

Pack Aside Items You Will Need on Your First Day in Your New Home

You would be surprised at how many people forget to do this step. When you pack for your move always set aside items you will need on your first day in your new home.

When we move a client we often will recommend that they set aside or take with them the objects they will need on their first day in their new home. These are objects such as clothes, toiletries, electronic chargers, and documents. This makes the move incredibly stress-free.

Imagine you move to your new home and you can’t find a charger for your phone. It is late at night and you need to wake up for work in the morning. This can cause a ton of stress as you go through all the boxes late at night just to find a charger or other needed item.

By far the easiest way to prevent this entire scenario from happening is to set aside everything you will need on the first day in your new home. Pack these items into a box and label it as your ‘first-day box.’ Performing this step is going to make packing for your move considerably easier.

Always Pack the Largest Items First to Save Time, Energy, and Trips

When packing for your next move you should always pack the largest items away first. This is because these items are often large and cumbersome to load into your moving vehicle.

These objects are often tables, beds, furniture, and large computers. These items often take up a lot of space in the moving vehicle. Waiting until the last moment to pack these items will cause you to either have to make one more trip with the vehicle or start the packing process over again.

When we load up clients’ packages into our trucks we make sure to load the largest items first. These items normally go in the back of the truck and allow us to pack considerably more into one of our many moving trucks. This saves time and money making our service to you that much better. Our professional experience and customer satisfaction make A Mother’s Touch Movers one of the best moving companies in all of central Florida! Just read our reviews to see some of our happy customers.

Simply packing the largest items away first is one of those tricks that is going to make your move considerably easier. While anybody can do this it takes a team of experienced professionals to do it efficiently while not damaging or delaying anything. We highly encourage anybody who is on the fence about hiring a moving company to reach out to us; we will give you an honest answer as to what you need for your move.

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