Published on November 3, 2022

3 Tips For Packing Christmas Ornaments For Moving Homes


When moving to a new home in Brevard county it is important that you pack your valuables away safely. The most fragile of these are usually the Christmas ornaments that we place on our Christmas trees. If we are not careful when packing these then any tiny bump in the road will shatter and break them.

Here are 3 useful tips for packing away those delicate Christmas ornaments when moving to a new home.

  1. Individually wrap each Christmas Ornament in bubble wrap.
  2. Pack all your Christmas Ornaments in the same box and label it.
  3. Transport your Christmas Ornaments and other valuables personally to avoid them breaking in transit.

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Here are our 3 tips for moving Christmas ornaments to your new home!

Tip 1: Individually Wrap Each Christmas Ornament in Bubble Wrap

The first tip that we can give you about moving your tree’s ornaments is to individually wrap each Christmas ornament in bubble wrap.

By wrapping each of these ornaments you are ensuring that they are surrounded by a field of protection. The material that we recommend for this is bubble wrap. In reality, you can use just about any form of a coating that is rated for handling delicate objects.

One thing that you will have to make sure about however is that the coating you choose won’t rub or wear down the ornament itself. Some coatings such as paper or cardboard will actually begin to remove paint on your ornaments. I would never use these coatings to wrap my ornaments in as they will cause more harm than good. If you don’t have access to bubble wrap then you can use packing foam or even old shirts.

The goal here is to safely move your ornaments to a new home without damaging them; as such the first tip is to wrap them so that they are safely prepared for the move.

Tip 2: Pack All Your Christmas Ornaments in the Same Box and Label It

The second tip that you should follow when packing away your ornaments is to put them all in the same box and then label it.

Most people will wrap their Christmas ornaments and then just throw them into a box with all the other valuable stuff. While this is easy to do and fast it is the wrong thing to do for two major reasons.

First, if you throw all your wrapped ornaments into a box with your other valuables then chances are that the ornaments will be damaged in transit. This is because all of your other valuables will bounce around against the ornaments themselves. Naturally, this is a bad idea and will more than likely lead to damaged or broken ornaments.

Second, putting all your wrapped ornaments into a box with other stuff will make unpacking the ornaments a pain. When it comes time to decorate your tree you will have to scour through all your boxes to find the one with the ornaments in them. Packing them into a box that is dedicated to them and then labeling it will make it easy to find and store all the ornaments.

Further, the box itself is very important. For valuables, we always recommend that you find a hard box such as plastic or even a suitcase. This will give you an added layer of protection to ensure that your ornaments are completely protected from nearly any damage.

Tip 3: Personally Transport Your Ornaments to Prevent the Box From Being Damaged

It is one thing to individually wrap your ornaments and then put them in a dedicated box, it is another thing entirely to ensure that this box is transported safely to its final destination.

Most people forget about this tip. If you place your box of ornaments in the general boxes of your move then chances are the box will be damaged or destroyed. Here at A Mother’s Touch Movers when we move your home or business we take these boxes and ensure that they are placed in the most secure spots in our trucks.

If you are moving yourself then the best place you can put this box of ornaments is in the front seat of your car. This will ensure that nothing happens to your box. If you have a moving truck and want to put the box of ornaments in the truck then we recommend finding a piece of furniture that you can fit the box into. This will give you the perfect level of protection for the box itself. If you go with this decision then all you have to do is make sure that the box won’t move that much; to solve this we recommend putting several shirts around the box to protect it.

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