Published on November 23, 2015

Women Leading The Charge

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A recent study by the Census Bureau found that family households made up 66% of homes in 2012 as opposed to 81% during 1970. Twenty-seven percent of households are now comprised of individuals marking a drastic increase from 17% in 1970.

The last few decades have also seen an increase in the amount of women working and earning a sustainable income. This is a great thing considering the look of the American family household has changed drastically as well. Times are changing. A study by Prudential Financial found that of the 1400 women surveyed, 40% were either single or divorced and of those 53% were the breadwinners for their family.

This figure is astounding and shows just how far females have come with regards to financial independence. With so many women earning on behalf of their families, they are also taking the charge when it comes to making decisions on behalf of their households. This is evident in the fact that women are mostly responsible for choosing a moving company as well. They look for a great deal at the most reasonable price.

A study by Massey University found that women are more likely to shop for bargains than men. But what constitutes a bargain when it comes to choosing a moving company? At A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne, FL we believe a bargain doesn’t have to mean less. We believe it means quality service at the absolute best price and we have the personnel and expertise to accommodate just that.

When considering a Brevard County moving company you need to consider several factors. What services are needed? What are your expectations? What level of experience do you require? What is the reputation of the moving company? And, yes, you need to consider pricing. However, think on this. If a moving company offers services that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Shopping for a moving company is not like buying off brand detergent. If you make an unwise choice, your belongings are at stake and with that your peace of mind.

When it comes time to pack up and head out, choose a moving company that has a solid reputation and the ability to assist you in whatever capacity you need. You can trust A Mother’s Touch to treat you and your personal property like family. Call us today for a free estimate.

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