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What to Do with a Bad Contractor

What to Do with a Bad Contractor

Have you ever been put in a precarious situation by a contractor? For example, say you signed a contract for a bathroom remodel with a particular company. Said company promises that they will have the job done by a specific date and you hand over the necessary amount of money to make your new bathroom a success in a timely manner. You are pumped! Bathrooms are a big deal for sellers and buyers so you know that investing wisely in this room of the house will give a great return on investment. Things start off smooth when an eager team arrives for demolition. The cabinets and flooring are ripped up and you expect the job to completed within a predetermined time frame. The team is scheduled to come back within a few days and say they will let you know when…except they don’t. Days turn into a week which turns into weeks which then turns into an incomplete job. You are out a ton of money and your bathroom still is not fixed. What should you do? You have few options so let’s dive in.

Is Your Contractor Licensed and Bonded?

This is something that you ideally researched before you signed on the dotted line. A license carries weight and can prevent problems for you in the future. If the contractor you hired is licensed, you have options. You should immediately report them to your state’s licensing agency. If they are a member of the Better Business Bureau, go there too. Websites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor are also places where you can put the word out about your experience. You can alert homeowners to your problems with a given contractor and help save them from your experience.

If your contractor is bonded, this means that their work is guaranteed by a third-party, an insurance agency. The bond between the contractor and insurance agency allows you, the homeowner, to report unfinished work or bad work, and provides for compensation from the insurance company. We suggest you document every portion of the work you are having done. You can do this by taking photos, keeping diligent notes, holding onto receipts, and creating a timeline of work done.

Resorting to Litigation

You do have the option to take you contractor to court. However, this can be expensive and you need to determine if it is worth the money. For those of you who paid upfront and already have the materials in your possession, you can cut your losses and hire another contractor to complete the job. If you paid upfront but do not have the necessary materials, have a house that is in shambles due to shoddy work, or some other circumstance, litigation may be worth your time.

A Mother’s Touch Movers knows that homeownership can be thrilling. It is an opportunity to plant roots and create a fulfilling life. Remodels and renovations are par for the course when you own a home, so protect yourself on the front end by doing research and asking others about potential contractors. And, when the time comes for a change of scenery, remember us. We have been in the moving business for 30 years serving the residents of Melbourne, FL with their moves. We are here to serve you start to finish. Contact us today.