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What Moving Companies Won’t Allow

What Moving Companies Won’t Allow

You’ve taken the first step towards your move by securing a reputable moving company. Congrats on getting the ball rolling! Next up, you start the packing process by either going solo or allowing the moving company to pack up for you. Most moving companies are excited to help you get your home in order and assist you with the next step in your journey. This is certainly the case for us here at A Mother’s Touch Movers. We have had the joy of moving so many of you here in Brevard County, FL with expertise and compassion. Whether you need us to help you pack-up or simply unload, we are here for you. However, there are some things that moving companies cannot move. If you are beginning your packing process, here are a few things to keep in mind about what can and cannot be moved by a moving company.

Most professional movers have what industry insiders call “non-allowables.” These are items and substances that are unsafe for them to move. You need to be aware of what companies will and will and will not allow as part of the move. Some items are rather clear: gas and ammunition for instance. These are highly flammable and there is too much risk associated with moving them. Hazardous items that can cause fires and are corrosive are also not allowed. These include things like ammonia, chemistry sets, fertilizer, fireworks, and even paint thinner. For a more exhaustive list please see here. If you have any of these items, you need to give them away or properly dispose of them before you move.

Most moving companies won’t carry items referred to as sentimental or personal. Things like cash and car titles, insurance and tax records, medical files, medication, school records and more top this list. Computers and photographs also make the list. These are all items that could be damaged or lost during a move and movers do not want to carry the risk of transporting them.

Pets and plants are also items that most movers won’t haul. Pets, for obvious reasons, and plants because it takes a license to carry them more than 150 miles. If you are moving across town, it may be possible for a moving company to carry perishable food items, but don’t push your luck. You can ask, but it would probably be safer to carry the items in your own vehicle or give them away beforehand. They most certainly will not carry food on a long-distance move.

The items that movers will not carry are for the safety and well-being of their clients. If you have something of value or significance, it is best to move them yourself so that you can personally ensure their safety.

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