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Types of Storage Options

Types of Storage Options

We have recently discussed the value (or not) of renting a short-term storage facility. Hopefully the discussion got your brain moving and thinking of strategies for the next time you might possibly need to store some of your belongings. From family moves to office relocations and those who own small businesses, short-term storage may be a financially affordable and viable option for you. Now that you know a little bit more about the ins and outs of storing your stuff, here are a few ways to get the things you are not currently using into safe and affordable storage, courtesy of A Mother’s Touch Movers., a great place to look for information on self-storage, has compiled a list of the largest self-storage companies in the country. The list includes familiar names like National Self-Storage Affiliates and SmartStop Self Storage. These large retail chains offer consumers a multitude of options suited to the customer’s specific needs. Here in Brevard County there are several companies to choose from. U-Haul is currently in the process of creating a storage facility on the corner of Babcock and Palm Bay Road while All Brevard Storage assists clients in Central Brevard. Further north you will find facilities like Banana River Self Storage and Public Storage in Merritt Island. The options are truly endless and cater to the needs of residents throughout Brevard and the surrounding areas.

Self-Storage facilities generally adhere to a few specific guidelines. These types of businesses allow for on-site storage and may be a great solution for your storage needs. According to, there are three types of self-storage facilities including indoor and outdoor along with drive up storage. These types are pretty self-explanatory and offer customers a choice when it comes to how they access their stuff. If you want the easiest path, choose drive-up storage which allows you to pull directly up to your unit and unload or pack up whatever you need. Along with varying access points, some self-storage facilities offer clients climate controlled units. These are costlier but are the best when it comes to holding items that are sensitive to air temperature and moisture.

If you are not in the mood to drive to a different location to access your belongings or want things close at hand, you may want to consider portable storage. Perhaps you have seen these units before. They allow you to pack up whatever you are not using and store everything right where you are. Companies like SmartBox and PODS (portable on demand storage) are companies that offer these types of services. If you are in the process of a home remodel or need a quick and simple solution to your storage needs, one of these units may be your best bet.

As always, when you are in the process of a move or business relocation, contact A Mother’s Touch Movers. We specialize in moving services from commercial to residential and can create a specific moving package suited to your needs.

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