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Tips on Tipping

Tips on Tipping

What should you tip? This can be a trick question and many people are not sure what to do when it comes to tipping (or not) their movers. Some use refreshments and others use money. Most people generally give a 10% tip of the moving cost, and a quarter of people tip 20%.

You can always ask A Mother’s Touch, expert movers in Brevard County, directly about our tipping policy. Bear in mind that whatever company you choose for moving, they may well prefer cash instead of check or credit card tips. So visit the bank before the move.

Cool refreshments are always welcome and highly appreciated. Cold water, soda, and snacks really help movers keep their spirits up in the sweltering heat. Never offer alcoholic beverages for those on the job.

If the movers climb multiple flights of stairs, work very speedily, or carry very heavy furniture, you will likely want to tip more money.
If you ever encounter poor service, such as careless, rude, and unprofessional movers, your tipping will of course be impacted. You should know that A Mother’s Touch Movers, based in Melbourne, FL, provides you with courteous service and a promise to treat your items with “a mother’s touch.”

When you’re in the process of packing, make sure you create a list of what you’ve packed, including valuables and what’s to be loaded first and last. Labeling boxes and marking contents is very important. This will make it easier on both you and the movers while they pack and unload the truck. If they get done sooner while unloading your belongings, you will also most likely be inclined to tip more.

A Mother’s Touch Movers knows that nothing is more important than your satisfaction, and we work our hardest to make sure you are always satisfied with the packing and moving services we provide. If you do not walk away satisfied following your move, we want to know! So talk to us during the move and afterward to give us your feedback.

A final tip from us at A Mother’s Touch: give yourself a break every now and then when planning, packing, and loading up for your move. Remember to breathe and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Stay hydrated, take breaks, stay satiated, and stay rested. Start the moving process as early as possible.

Taking the effort and time to tip is a sign of appreciation. So in summary, it’s a personal choice regarding tipping. Give whatever seems reasonable to show your appreciation for the services rendered.

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