Published on February 10, 2016

Tips on Items Not to Move

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As a Melbourne, FL moving company, we know that packing can be a burden, so we offer packing services along with our high-quality moving services. We have some recommendations for what not to move, in particular, so check out the guidelines below:

It’s a perfect time to assess your clothing when planning to move, as well as the other items you keep tucked away in your closets, on your shelves, and in the corners of your rooms. These are some items you may consider donating or selling:

  • Clothing that you no longer want, need, or fit into
  • Broken and unfixable items
  • Any items eating away space in your residence that you do not use, want, and have sentimental or financial value
  • Knickknacks, books, and art you do not want
  • Furniture that will not fit in your new residence.

Remember, A Mother’s Touch Movers will gladly take furniture you wish to donate and we will handle the specifics of the donation ourselves. Please contact us if you have new or gently used furniture that you would like to donate.

Hazardous chemicals, such as gasoline, poisons, oil, and paint, are likely somewhere inside your residence, and you get rid of them before moving. These types of dangerous liquids could spill during the packing and transportation processes, coating belongings and other worse situations. Liquid bleach can also be hazardous, so check with your movers before trying to pack and move it.

Review the local regulations on disposing of hazardous materials, or give them to a family or friends if they need them for their house. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions regarding moving restrictions or the packing process.

If you are moving long-distance, you will need to get rid of perishable food items. Eat up what’s in your refrigerator and freezer, then donate whatever is left to the local food bank or family and friends.

Some items should be packed – but reserved for packing last, loading last, and unpacking first. They should be packed and stored away from the rest of the items, and they should not go in the moving van, but with you in your car. This includes the belongings that are very valuable, items that you want to particularly protect and cannot lose, and belongings that will be needed immediately once you set foot inside the new residence. For example: cell phone chargers, medicine, important documents, jewelry, fragile items, delicate art and antiques, and laptops.

A Mother’s Touch Movers offers packing and moving services for Brevard County residents. We provide free estimates, local and long-distance moving, flexible scheduling every day of the week, same-day moving, and senior discounts. Our movers are all licensed, bonded, insured, and professional.

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