Published on January 12, 2023

Tips for Moving During Spring in Brevard


Springtime brings with it a whole slew of cleaning tasks that we here in Brevard often call ‘Spring Cleaning.’ During this time we are moving around all of our household goods and items in an effort to clean away the winter dust. However, many people are not aware of just how good of a time of year this is to move.

There are several tips on why moving during spring break is a good idea. First, the weather during the spring here in Brevard is amazing and cool. Second, there is no better time to pack away your valuables than during spring cleaning. Third, the weather is often clear and sunny which means no slippery roads or boxes.

Here at A Mother’s Touch Movers, we pride ourselves on being Brevard’s number one choice for personal and commercial movers for over 15 years! We love helping our neighbors move into their new homes and welcome any and all questions regarding what is best for your next move. Simply reach out to us by clicking here for a no-obligation discussion today.

Tip 1: Moving During Spring Is Great Because the Florida Weather Is Amazing

One of the main tips that we can give you here at A Mother’s Touch Movers about moving to a new property during spring is that the weather is amazing.

The weather is always an underrated thing that people forget to think about when planning their next move. During the summer months it is very hot and doing anything outside takes a lot more effort than people normally have.

According to the national weather service temperatures during the hottest months of the year here in Brevard can range from 88-78 during the summer. While this is the hottest temperatures can range well above 90 degrees! Imagine moving to a new home or business during this time.

Trust us, unless you are a seasoned moving vet you should not be outside during these months moving to a new property. Here in Florida, it is very important that you are accustomed to the hot humid environment before you start doing heavy lifting outside during summer. This is one of the main reasons why you should reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation regarding your move; leave it to the professionals who are more than used to working outside in the hot weather.

This is why one of the best times to move here in Brevard is during the spring months of the year. It is cool outside and more than easy enough for just about anybody to help out with your move to your next property.

Tip 2: During Spring Cleaning Your Valuables Are Already Out and Ready to Be Packed Away

Another tip that we can give regarding moving during the springtime in Brevard is that your belongings are already out during the spring months when you are cleaning.

One of the hardest things about moving to a new home or property is packing all of your items away in boxes to move. 90% of the time objects get put into the wrong box because new movers are struggling to find all the right valuables to place in the same box.

The good news however is that during your spring cleaning, most of your valuables are already out and ready to get packed away. Since everything is out you can easily find all the objects which should be in the same box and put them together to be packed away.

This makes moving extremely easy. Since you will have all your boxes in the same area during spring cleaning we can simply come in and load up. This will get you into your new home or property significantly faster and with much less stress.

Because of this one of the major tips we can give about moving during the spring season is to start packing your belongings and valuables away during your spring cleaning. This is going to rapidly expedite the time it will take to move.

Tip 3: The Road Conditions Are Often Clear and Easy to Navigate for Moving Cars and Trucks

The final tip as to why spring is a great time to move to a new property in Brevard is that during the spring months, there are significantly fewer storms.

You would be surprised as to how much storms and bad weather can impact the time frame of your move. Bad storms with lots of rain and wind will delay your move from being finished because of two major reasons.

First, bad storms bring lots of rain that might flood certain areas of your town or city. In some situations, this flooding would prevent a moving truck or car from reaching or leaving its destination. Here at A Mother’s Touch, we only use the most durable trucks and know all the back roads in Brevard so for us, this is less of a problem but you should be aware of it if you move yourself to your new property.

Second, with bad storms come bad wind and lighting. When we have a moving truck fully loaded then the wind starts to play a major problem. This is because if the wind is blowing in a certain direction then it could tip the moving truck. Normally this is not an issue with storms but once or twice a year we get a really bad storm here in Brevard.

However, both of these reasons are moot points during the spring months in Florida. This is because Florida’s weather is on a very routine schedule. During the spring months, we hardly get any storms or rain because of the cold and stable weather. However, starting in late April the weather starts to pick back up again as we enter into hurricane season.

This spring is a great time of the year to plan your move here in Brevard. Reach out to us today to see how we can benefit your workforce or family.

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