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Tips for Moving During Peak Season

Tips for Moving During Peak Season

Moving at any point in the year is never a simple process. After the contracts are signed and the new home is yours, there is still a ton of work to be done. Hopefully, you started your packing preparations long before you signed on the dotted line. So much goes into a move before the actual moving day and this is especially true during this time of the year. The busiest moving isn’t when the weather here in Melbourne, FL is nice and cool. Nope, the majority of moves, sixty-five percent of them, occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In order to get ahead, you need to plan accordingly. Fortunately, A Mother’s Touch Movers has everything you need to be successful. We want your move to go off without a hitch so here are some tips for planning that summer time move.

The most important thing you can do if you are moving during this time frame is to get a great head start. Once you know you will be moving, go ahead and nail down a moving company. As homes sell and residents pack up and head out, the need for moving services dramatically increases. This is especially true during the summer months. If you do not have a professional mover enlisted, you could end up moving solo, and that’s no fun! Remember, many families wait until the end of the school year before they transition. This highly contributes to the influx of moves in the summer. Reserving moving services and storage facilities, if needed, long before your move is a great idea.

There are special considerations that need to be made if you are moving during peak season. Remember that weekends are a busy time, so scheduling a move mid-week is a great choice. Moving companies may be better able to accommodate your request if you can afford to do a weekday move. This brings us to our next point: flexibility. Everyone likes to have a solid plan in place, especially during a move. Having a concrete idea about what is going to occur next can help alleviate the unknown of a move. However, it also pays to be flexible. As the temperatures rise and professional movers go into overdrive, having a little extra patience can really go a long way. Here in Melbourne, we also have to be prepared for chaotic weather during the summer. Hurricane season starts June 1 and weather can impact your move too.

Our team of expert movers is always ready to assist you. We provide packing supplies and can create a customized moving experience catered specifically to your needs. If you have questions about your upcoming move, call A Mother’s Touch Movers today!

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