Published on February 8, 2016

Tips For After A Move

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Tips for After the Move

You’ve finished unloading your belongings in your new place, but you still have a lot of work to do! A Mother’s Touch Movers recommends you go through the following list to maximize your time and better settle into your new residence.

Move Day

  • Examine your furniture and belongings to ensure everything arrived safely and no damage was incurred during the move. (Report any lost or damaged items to the movers immediately.)
  • Ensure your utilities (water, power, gas, cable, Internet) are powered on and functioning correctly.
  • Walk through your new home and check for malfunctioning appliances, marks on the wall, broken items, etc., present before your arrival, and report damage to the leasing / management team.
  • Give your new home a cleaning before unpacking.
  • Time to start unpacking! Start with your overnight bag (toiletries and pajamas), towels and bedding linens, and clothes for the next few days.
  • Throw a few loads into the washing machine and dryer.

First Week

  • File your moving paperwork, bills, and other valuable receipts and documents.
  • Arrange your furniture.
  • Finish the unpacking, but to avoid feeling overwhelmed, decide on a manageable amount to unpack each day.
  • Take out the trash and unpacked boxes to limit clutter.
  • Ensure that your mail is being forwarded correctly.
  • If you haven’t already, update your license at the DMV, register to vote with your new address, and change your contact information at the bank and other places that send you correspondence and bills.
  • Determine the best work commute and test out a few in morning or rush hour traffic.
  • If you have moved a far distance, and haven’t already done so, search for new doctors, dentists, and vets.

First Month

  • Check in with your family and friends about the move.
  • Decorate your new location, and don’t be shy about trying out a new theme for a room or color scheme that you didn’t have at your old place.
  • Time to celebrate your move and all your hard work with a housewarming party! Invite your friends, and don’t forget about meeting your new neighbors!

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