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Smart Bargain Shopping for Home Buyers

Smart Bargain Shopping for Home Buyers

The purchase of a new home is tremendously exciting. It represents hopes and dreams and all the possibilities that life has to offer. This is especially true here on the Space Coast. Brevard County, FL has so much to offer. From beautiful beaches and serene sunsets to top-rated schools and an incredible tech sector, there is no shortage of things to love about Melbourne, FL. This is why we love being a part of the scene here. A Mother’s Touch Movers is proud to call this special place home and to play a role in making it yours as well. We provide moving services in Melbourne and Palm Bay and are bonded, insured, and licensed. We will never charge you for services or supplies you do not need and offer FREE estimates for anyone considering partnering with us. We would love to help you settle in or pack up each and every step of the way. Perhaps you don’t need full-service assistance, that’s fine with us! We can help you pack, load, unload, or just get you set up with all the supplies you need to make your move easy peasy.

One thing you don’t want to do when searching for your new home is to take the easy way out. Why, do you ask? If you settle for something that looks too good to be true, chances are it probably is. Everyone is looking for the best bang for their buck when it comes to purchasing a new home. This makes total sense. You do not want to overpay for a home that is not up to par, but you do not want to hedge your bets and buy a home for too little in search of the almighty bargain. Why? You could get scammed. Here are some things to consider when looking to save a few bucks.

Don’t settle for a home that isn’t the right fit for you just because it’s a steal. Think about it, is it worth the stress of having less space than you need just because you save more money? Or, is this something you can live with and adjust to in the short term? That bargain home you found could be great for your wallet, but does the long commute that comes with it cancel out any savings you might make at first? Only you know the answers to these questions and you have to decide what is best for you.

In this seller’s market, it’s tempting to forego an inspection to save some money: DO NOT DO THIS. Why? You don’t know what’s lurking in the crawl space; you probably do not have the knowledge needed to assess the HVAC system; you don’t want to have to pay for a new roof because you didn’t know the home needed one. This “bargain” might not be one at all. Be smart. Pay the extra money to have the home you are considering buying inspected properly.

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