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Should You Store Your Stuff?

Should You Store Your Stuff?

Drive down a stretch of any major road here in Brevard County and you are likely to encounter a multitude of self-storage facilities. From familiar storage brands like U-Haul and Life Storage to smaller venues like Acorn and KC Mini Storage, there is a plethora of options to choose from. When it comes time to consider whether or not you should invest in a storage facility of some type, there are many to choose from. A Mother’s Touch Movers provides the residents of Brevard with the best moving services available. Our team of expert movers is capable of assisting you with your residential or commercial move from start to finish. Whatever your moving needs are, we can create a plan to execute the perfect move for you! We know that many of our clients often choose to downsize or reconsider keeping all of their belongings and therefore utilize the services of a storage company. Before you start your quest, here are some tips.

According to 2015 data compiled by, the storage industry is a multi-million-dollar machine with major companies bringing in upwards of 800 million dollars. Leading the way for 2015 was Public Storage which brought in over 2 billion dollars. Clearly this is a service that Americans are calling upon to assist them in keeping up with all their belongings. Out of every eleven households, one is using a storage unit so some type and the market is poised to continue growing. While this is great news for companies, what about you? Is it a wise financial choose to use a storage unit?

The short answer to the above questions is: it depends. Storage units can be a great investment for the short-term user. If you are moving or are in-between residences, a climate controlled unit can be a great way to keep your belongings safe. However, using a unit for an extended amount of time to keep things you simply will never use is a bad idea. Storage units are great for protecting valuable assets and collectibles like antique cars or furniture. For those of you out there who are small business owners without ample office space, a safe storage unit could be a great place to keep your files and necessities.

People often go wrong when it comes to units by renting space they do not need. It is pointless to pay for space that goes unused so be sure you choose a unit size the best suits your needs. Many people often forget about the items they are storing, and this makes for an unwise storage decision. If you cannot remember what you have in your unit, chances are it’s time to get rid of it.

Storage facilities can be great options for people with a variety of needs. Always comparison shop and ask for special rates and discounts on your quest for the perfect storage space. When it comes time for your move, you need look no further than A Mother’s Touch Movers in Melbourne, FL. Contact us today!

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