Published on January 14, 2020

Should You List Your Brevard County Home?


It’s hard to believe we are in the midst of a new year. Not only that but an entirely new decade! A Mother’s Touch Movers earnestly hopes that this new season will be one of joy and fulfillment for you and yours. As we close the chapter on the last year, we have had the opportunity to reflect on the many ways our lives have been enriched by working with so many of you on your Melbourne, FL moves. Thank you for a wonderful 2019, and we look forward to serving you, the residents of Brevard County, with any moving services you may need now and in the future.

Real Estate in 2020

2020 will be an exciting year in the real estate market. As most already know, 2019 has been a seller’s market and our area is no exception. If you are considering listing your home or are currently in search of a place to call home, you know that whether you are listing or buying, this is a huge step! We recommend working with a realtor who is savvy and knowledgeable about the area. We are fortunate to have many reputable real estate agencies in the area ready to serve you when the time comes.  If you are a current resident in our area, you may already have the perfect agent in mind. If you are moving to the area for the first time, the Space Coast Association of Realtors is a great site to visit for more information.

Brevard County Housing Market Trends

Let’s take a look at current trends in the housing market specific to Brevard. The latest statistics for the housing market here in Brevard show an upward trend in home prices. This is great for sellers but can place a burden on buyers in search of homes that are within their price range. The median price for a single-family home rose to $240,000 dollars, an increase of over 4% from the same time last year. Condos and townhomes showed an even greater leap in median price percentage with a jump of 5.7% from October of 2018 and sold with an average closing price of $180,000. Quarter three data shows that homes were on the market for approximately 38 days making it a challenge for buyers who aren’t diligently following the market. Inventory is also down from one year ago.

Listing Your Brevard County Home

So, what does this all mean in layman’s terms? Well, if you are considering listing your home in 2020, now is the time to do so. Inventory is low creating a buying frenzy. You are in a great spot here. For potential buyers, the news isn’t so bright and cheery. There simply aren’t enough homes to go around so you will find yourself frustrated if you don’t stay on top of the market almost daily. We don’t mean to shatter your dreams here, promise! However, the reality is homes are selling fast so you need to be diligent about your search.

Choosing a Moving Company in the Palm Bay & Melbourne Areas

There is so much to love about Brevard County, from Palm Bay to Viera to the Space Coast. A Mother’s Touch Movers is so grateful to all our clients who chosen us as their favorite moving company. We welcome you to the area if you are new and wish you the best as you look for your forever home. If you need any assistance with your move, please contact us today. From start to finish we’ve got you covered!

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