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Saving Money On Your Move

Saving Money On Your Move

Make no mistake – moving will set you back some money. In fact, between the packing supplies, truck rentals and mover fees, a move can catch a lot of people unprepared. Many people don’t consider the amount of money it takes to move, even if it is just a move from one part of Brevard County to another. Knowing what you’ll need to spend, how to plan a budget, and where you can cut costs can help you save that hard-earned dough.

It’s a good idea to decide whether or not you should purchase extra insurance. Sure, it will bring you piece of mind, but is it really necessary? Unless you’re moving priceless heirlooms and/or extremely valuable artwork, you may decide to save money by foregoing the insurance option.

Here at A Mother’s Touch Movers, our movers are extremely careful and gentle with your belongings. We take great caution and extreme effort in transporting your valuables with the utmost care. But, should you choose to insure your valuables, we offer you plenty of options to do that as well.

You don’t need to overspend on packing supplies. You can pick up boxes for free from your local grocery store, liquor store, or wine store. It’s a good idea to visit the store beforehand and ask when they receive their larger shipments and what time they will be finished unloading. Brown paper can be used to wrap glassware. Newspaper will work, too, but it may make your glassware dirty.

The government allows for some moving expenses to be deducted, for qualified applicants. Basically, you may deduct the moving of household goods, storage expenses, and costs associated with traveling to your new home, within reason. The rules are strict, but pretty simple, to find out if you qualify. If you’re not sure, speak to your accountant or tax preparer.

Keep all receipts related to your move, even if you don’t know if you qualify for tax deductions. Keep receipts related to your travel expenses, gas and mileage and any fees accrued by transferring your car. On each receipt, write what you purchased, why you purchased it, and who made the purchase. Retracing your steps months after your move will be time-consuming and nearly impossible. You may want to keep a receipt record book, which can be found at most office supply stores.

Speaking of budgeting, you should definitely make a budget before you make the move. If you don’t, you may be shocked at the total amount of money you’ll be spending. You don’t want to be caught off guard when it comes to moving expenses.

The care your valuables will receive from A Mother’s Touch Movers is the best that money can buy. Your valuables will arrive safely and securely in your new destination. You’ll see why A Mother’s Touch Movers is the best team of professional movers that money can buy.

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