Published on November 11, 2019

Protect Your Tropical Plants During the Cold

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When temperatures drop below 50-degrees, something akin to pandemonium strikes on the Space Coast. Bread and milk suddenly disappear from the shelves and your friends show up to work with scarves, hats, even socks with their sandals. Cold weather is a BIG DEAL here! A dip in temps doesn’t often occur, but when it does everything stops. You may even notice all your neighbors casting old sheets and the like on every shrub and flowering plant in their yard and wonder what all the fuss is about. Here’s the thing: landscaping is huge here and many tropical plants just cannot handle the cold. A Mother’s Touch Movers has helped so many of you with your Melbourne, FL moves and residential moves throughout Brevard County. We know that curb appeal is a highly sought-after commodity. Of course, this includes a delightful yard complete with tropical additions. Gardening is also one of the most popular past times here. It is no wonder people are so concerned when the possibility of freezing weather is on the horizon. Here are some great tips to help you protect your plants on those few and far between cold days and evenings.


1. Turn off Your Irrigation System

Once you know that a freeze may be in the forecast, it is best to turn off any automatic watering systems you may have and forego any manual watering until the temps ease up. Even a light coating of water can do severe damage to tropical plants so play it safe and keep the water at bay. One note, however. Be sure to water the soil BEFORE the freeze because your plants will still need moisture.


2. Cover Them Up

Most tropical plants will not weather temperatures below freezing so be sure that you use something to cover them from top to bottom. You can utilize almost anything to do the job EXCEPT plastic.


3. Light Them Up

Once your plants are covered, you may want to use outdoor use approved lights underneath the protective layer to keep your plants warm.


4. Bring Them In

If you have your plants in movable containers, just bring them inside. If you have shrubs or flowers that you can successfully dig up, you may want to transfer them to a container. This will allow for easy transport to a warmer area and may ensure their survival.


Not everything in your Florida garden will react negatively to the cold weather so don’t worry. Hardy annuals like petunias and snapdragons can handle the cold. Cold weather edibles like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower may even survive the cold without much harm. If you are concerned about any of your sturdier plants, you can always cover them or bring them inside if they are in pots just to play it safe. You spend valuable time and money creating a yard that you can enjoy year-round. Don’t let one freeze do you in.

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