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Prepping Employees for a Move

Prepping Employees for a Move

An office move can be challenging for even the smallest of businesses. Relocating files, important proprietary information, and office paraphernalia can feel overwhelming. These are just some of the many reasons that hiring a professional mover with highly trained staff is a wise decision. A Mother’s Touch Movers is a full service commercial moving company in Melbourne, FL. We move throughout all of Brevard and have the ability to assist your company with even the trickiest moves with professionalism and prompt service that is second to none. There is a reason we are Brevard County’s top mover. From start to finish, we will get your office moved quickly and efficiently so everyone can get back to work!

Moving an office space does not have to be an intrusive affair. It also does not have to disrupt your daily business affairs if you have a strategic plan in place. In general, most moving companies agree it is important to keep your staff in the know when moving locations. It does not, however, happen all in one day. Moving an office to a different location presents challenges of its own, and it is advisable that companies keep a few things in mind.


Communication is essential in prepping staff for a move. It has been suggested that two months is the absolute minimum time necessary to begin communications about an office move. Many companies begin communications about a potential move up to a year in advance. The key here is keeping your staff aware of what is going on.

The sooner a business knows it will be transitioning to another location for whatever reason, this should be made known to the rest of the staff.

Keep Things Positive

Moving day is not something most people enjoy. The same can be said for employees. However, businesses can keep their workers in a positive state of mind by focusing on the benefits of moving office spaces.

Perhaps the new office is more centrally located. Maybe the new design will keep employees happier and more focused on their jobs, or the new office could be right next to tons of lunch options. Whatever employers can do to keep their employees seeing the bright side of things will make moving day and the initial transition much easier and more fulfilling.

Get Everyone Involved

Most people feel validated when higher-ups take notice of their opinions and actively seek them out. Business owners and office managers will find that engaging staff on their thoughts about the moving process will create a positive environment.

Employees will feel like their opinions count; it is a win-win scenario for all involved. If your office is on the move and you are looking for Brevard’s most experienced and reliable moving company, look no further than A Mother’s Touch Movers. Contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling…in the right direction.

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