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Organizing For a Move

Organizing For a Move

A Mother’s Touch Movers, based in Melbourne, FL, is the top moving company for the Space Coast. We are family-owned and operated and we’ve been in the business for more than 30 years! Our expert movers are passionate about providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Below, we are providing some tips on organizing and planning for your move. Make your move easier by strategizing what to pre-pack and how to organize the belongings you want to take with you. Donate, sell, or throw away what you want to leave behind.

We recommend de-cluttering before you move. While pre-packing, take the time to separate your non-essentials from your essentials, and put aside clothing and other items you haven’t used in the past year or two. Then donate, sell, or throw away those unneeded items.

Take notes and keep a record and folder of details. Don’t forget to save your receipts, moving contacts, and other important documents for your move so that you will not have to do the same research again in the future. This will give you a good idea about your moving budget. It will also ensure you don’t lose the contact information for the professional movers, like A Mother’s Touch, who will be doing the heavy lifting. We offer an extensive array of packing and moving services.

Also, make notes immediately after your move for any future reference. The sooner you record them after the move, the more details you’ll remember.

Was there a box that you always thought you’d get around to unpacking after your last move, but never did? Learn from the past and don’t bother packing those items again! You won’t miss that box in your new residence if you never used it in your current one.

Keep everything in storage boxes that also double as moving boxes to make the process simpler. We recommend you use lidded storage bins that you can use at your house and also stack in a moving truck. Choose boxes that can fit under beds and also in closets, and there are also fabric-covered bins that work well and also are attractive. Label everything to stay organized and make your job easier when both packing and unloading. Keep yourself focused on the move. Use labels to stick on the durable bins to make the contents and their room destination easy to identify.

Are you having friends help you move? Keep them well-informed about your plans, and don’t forget to thank them for their help! Offer a moving/unloading party and free meal so they feel appreciated. Contact A Mother’s Touch Movers to make your move a breeze today!

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