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Moving Made Easier

Moving Made Easier

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some sort of moving genie residing in one of your old vases that could magically appear when you needed him? Snap your fingers or rub the vase and he would materialize to handle all of your packing and do all the dirty work that has to happen before you move. Sounds nice, but unfortunately, this isn’t a reality. The closest thing you may find to a supernatural being capable of assisting you at a moment’s notice is the team from A Mother’s Touch Movers, Melbourne, FL’s premier moving company capable of expediting your moving process with professional movers who have seen it all. From packing supplies to assistance with whatever moving task you need help with, we have you covered. We know moving isn’t easy but following some of the hacks below, you can simplify the process. Let’s take a look.

Have a Plan

Moving does not happen on its own. You will want to start by creating a timetable of all you need to take care of long before your move occurs. As soon as you know you will be relocating, start assessing your current residence for any fixes that may need to be made. You will need to make sure you have all your packing supplies on hand and schedule a moving company well in advance if you plan on using one.

Do an Inventory

When you begin packing, meticulously and realistically go through your belongings to determine what you will be taking with you. Create piles to give away, keep, or toss. This will make packing much easier when the time comes.

Label Appropriately

A clearly labeled box will make unpacking and settling in so much easier. Make sure you have a labeling system that makes sense to you and stick with it. You can utilize items like colored packing tape, colored markers, and easy to read markings to do this. It does not matter what system you use just as long as it works for you!

Keep the Important Stuff with You

You will want to keep significant items off of the moving truck. If it has sentimental value or contains personal information, things like tax documents and the like, take them with you. You DO NOT want to risk putting these items on a moving truck just in case something happens in transit. Try packing a box with things like medications, important documents, jewelry, and those with sentimental value separately and make sure they stay by your side.

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