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Landscaping for the Win!

Landscaping for the Win!

Landscaping is something that many potential home buyers are on the lookout for. For sellers in Brevard County, it can actually seal the deal when it comes to selling their homes. Buyers will actually cruise right past a home with no curb appeal and make their decision before even entering the home in question. So, landscaping makes a huge difference no matter what side of the fence you are on…see what we did there? Buyers and sellers alike can benefit from luscious landscaping that makes sense for the space they call home.

The practice of landscaping has been part of the human existence for thousands of years. Ancient populations used it to improve the look and practicality of their homes. In modern times, landscaping involves the use of plants and structures to create an aesthetically appealing look that is practical, beautiful, and useful. Since the dawn of time, humans have used plants and building materials to create lovely spaces that enhance their dwelling spaces. We all can recognize the difference between a landscaped yard and one that has been thrown together or, even worse, neglected.

You may be wondering why we are covering the topic of landscaping today. Well, an article from says that a home with curb appeal, landscaping, in particular, added a value of up to over 12% on the price of the home. This means that home priced at around $300,000 can be worth an extra $38,000 simply by going the extra mile and paying attention to the yard. A simple spruce up and strategic landscaping can yield maximum benefit for home sellers. Want some simple ways to maximize your yard space and make outdoor living a reality in your life? If so, read on.

Plant Florida Natives

When you are selecting plants for your yard, you cannot go wrong with native species. These are plants that are from this area and are accustomed to the hot temperatures and sandy soil. A great place to look for the types of vegetation that will grow well here in Brevard is the University of Florida IFAS Extension website. You will find a wealth of information here to help you get started.

Go for Foliage

Everyone loves blooming flowers but replanting each season can become expensive and time-consuming. If you want maximum return on your investment, consider plants that create a luscious, leafy cover.

Create a Crowd

For a low-maintenance idea, you can plant your plants a little closer together than recommended. This will cause the bed to crowd and keep out weeds.

Choose Structures Wisely

A delightful winding path, an ornamental statue, or a lovely sitting bench can all be great additions to your landscaping. When you are making plans for your outdoor space, choose items that will be pleasing to the eye but not detract from your home.

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