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Keeping Your Family Healthy While Moving

Keeping Your Family Healthy While Moving

Moving means a whirlwind of to-do lists, fix-it lists, and shopping lists. There is so much to do that the day-to-day health of your family could get neglected in the wake of it all. As your Melbourne FL moving company, we’re here to make sure your move is smooth as possible. Here’s what you should be doing during a move, before you pack that final box, to make sure you’re taking care of the health of your family.

One step that’s very important – and often overlooked – is to ask your doctor, dentist and any other health specialist for your family’s medical records. These records include any vaccinations that are current or scheduled, the latest test results, and your history of any allergies and chronic health issues. Don’t forget to ask the chiropractor, physiotherapist, health coach, or any other health service.

If pets are moving with you, don’t forget to ask your veterinarian for copies of your cat or dog’s records as well. It’s really important to ask for their vaccination history and any history of adverse reactions to medications and treatments as well as chronic conditions. If your vet provides you with special pet food, take home an extra bag or two, because it may take awhile to locate a new clinic in your new neighborhood.

You need to order medications. It’s smart to check your family’s prescriptions to make sure you have enough medications to last you through the move and into your new home. It’s a good idea to order at least a one or two-months supply for chronic, ongoing conditions. If you don’t have enough medication, you may need a refill of any prescriptions that would require a doctor’s appointment. When you get a chance, check to see how many refills are remaining.

Talk to your pharmacist about transferring any remaining prescriptions to a local dispensary in your new town. Your pharmacist should be able to recommend the best store and give you advice on how to keep receiving your family’s medications while you’re making the transition into your new home.

You’ll want to create an emergency contact list for your new neighborhood. Make sure to include phone numbers (and addresses if it makes sense) of local hospitals, poison control and next-of-kin. Also, list your medical insurance number and any known allergies for each family member. It’s a good idea to keep a digital copy on your tablet or phone and insert a paper copy into your wallet so that an emergency medical responder can read the details in an emergency.

Make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked. When accidents happen, and they happen more frequently than you think, you want to have the things you need to apply to a cut or soothe a burn in one place, to save time. When you’re packing up your home, it’s a good idea to keep the first-aid kit nearby. If you’re traveling to your new home by automobile, be sure to keep that first-aid kit nearby.

In addition to the medical supplies, keep a flashlight or two handy in the event that you arrive at your new home before the lights can be turned on.

This simple to-do list should make it easier for you to keep your family healthy during an otherwise stressful move.

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