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Keeping Pets Happy on Moving Day

Keeping Pets Happy on Moving Day

We have recently blogged about how important it is to find a new home that works not only for your family but also for your pets. Your treasured pet deserves a space that will give them the life you undoubtedly want to provide for it. Once you have settled on the perfect property for everyone in your family, the moving fun begins! Okay, so perhaps the thought of boxing up your current dwelling space only to load a truck and then do the exact same thing in reverse does not sound like fun. However, with A Mother’s Touch Movers the experience can at least be a comfortable one for you. You won’t have to worry about anything except moving your family and pets and then settling into your new home. If you are looking for strategies on moving your pet, please keep reading for tips and suggestions to make the transition easier on everyone you love.

When you are packing up, try to remember that your pets will most likely experience some of the same stresses that you feel. It is just as hard for them to acclimate to a new location as it will be for you. There are things you can do to ease them into the process. A few weeks before the move begin preparing your animals for travel. If your cat or dog is not used to a crate, now is the perfect time to start prepping them. You can do this by leaving their favorite toys and comfort items and toys inside the crate and giving them time inside it to get used to the atmosphere. The next step is to take them on a few drives all while they are inside the crate. If your animal is not used to the car, it can be a scary time for them. Several trips around the block or across town will get them ready.

Before all of your belongings are stowed away for a move across town or across the country, be sure that you have left enough food, water, medications, treats, and toys available for your pet. You will most likely have an overnight bag or necessities box for your family so just include the same types of things for your pet. Easy access is key. It is also important to remember collars, leashes, photographs of your pet, and provide your animal with a microchip for easy identification just in case they get lost during the move. Check with your vet for any necessary records if you are moving out of area and carry those with you as well. Generally, driving is the easiest way to travel with a pet but if you choose to fly them you will need all of these things.

American Humane suggests that if your move requires an overnight stay in a hotel that you make sure the overnight location will be pet friendly. It is easier to make a reservation beforehand and rest assured knowing your pets will be comfortable than to risk not finding a suitable hotel during your trip.

Pets can have anxiety in new places so if possible, try to get your home moved before you introduce your pets to their new location. This may not be possible. If not, just be sure that you keep them in a small area of the new home to get acquainted with their new location before you introduce them to the entire property!

We know your pets mean the world to you and moving them is not an easy process. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to move your animals and everyone will be happy eventually.

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