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How to Unpack When You Just Don’t Want To

How to Unpack When You Just Don’t Want To

The movers are gone and now you are left with a new home full of moving boxes and not a lot of motivation to tackle the task at hand. Didn’t you just spend a ton of time packing these boxes…and now you’ve to do the same thing, only in reverse and quickly. Ugh. Hey, we feel your pain. This is why one of the services we offer here at A Mother’s Touch Movers is full-service moving assistance in Brevard County. We can help you from start to finish and everything else in between. We know that the motivation you need to get those boxes unpacked in your new Viera, FL home is not always present. This is why we are giving you some tips and strategies to beat the unpacking blues. Let’s dive in and get things done.

Set a Deadline (but be flexible)

This probably sounds like contradictory advice but hear us out. Start the unpacking process with a deadline in mind. Set an end time to have every box emptied or you can break it down into smaller chunks. Find a strategy that works best for your needs and go for it. Some people prefer big picture while others work best by setting smaller goals. You may even want to incentivize the process. For every unpacked room, treat yourself to something you love.

Next comes flexibility. Listen, unpacking is not the only thing you have going on right now. Give yourself some grace and let it go if you just cannot meet the deadline. Adjust your timeline and move forward. You’ve got this!!

Keep Distractions Away (just for now)

It is easy to let other things get in the way of your unpacking. For example, you get the television set up and want to catch up on your favorite show…while you unpack. The reality is multi-tasking, at least when it comes to unpacking, does not really work. Why not try your favorite music channel instead? You still get to be entertained but won’t be distracted by a screen.

Speaking of screens, if you can handle setting your phone to airplane mode while you unpack, do it. This will save you from the urge to check your social media, phone calls or texts, and help you streamline your efforts. It’s only for a little while.

Unpack to Completion (it’s not that hard)

What we mean by this is take the items in the box to their final destination. If you know something goes into your closet, take it there immediately. Don’t let it sit on the floor of your bedroom for days, weeks, well, you get the idea. A great way to make sure this happens is to set up your furniture first. This way you have a place to put your items from the start.

Unpacking after a move can be a drag; we get it. However, think about how great it will feel to be DONE and push through. If you are waiting for motivation from on high, it may not come. You may just have to do the work and know that the reward is a clutter-free home that you can now call your own.

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