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How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving

How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving

Moving is considered by many as one of the top stressful events in life, but A Mother’s Touch Movers exists solely to help you have the least stressful move possible. Based in Melbourne, FL, we have served been your Brevard County moving company for decades. We offer packing and moving services, flexible scheduling every day of the week, residential and commercial moves, long-distance and local moves, and licensed, bonded, and insured movers.

Below we have compiled some tips to ease your moving process.

Make a Plan

Once you’ve definitely decided to vacate your residence and move, it’s time to get organized and create a plan.

What to Move?

Determining what items to move can take longer than many people think. This is especially true when weeding through your closet and assessing what’s in your attic or garage. Carefully go through your belongings and give away, sell, or throw out what you no longer use, need, or wear. And if you can’t fix it or if it simply won’t fit into your new home, it’s time to say goodbye. Remember, the less you are going to move, the less stuff you need to pack.

How to Move It?

Once you’ve taken stock of what you’re moving, you need to figure out the number of boxes you’ll need, what should be shipped or stored instead, the number of packers and movers necessary, and the truck size you’ll need.

Moving Budget

Knowing what you need to move and how you’re doing so will enable you to determine expenses and set a budget. If you don’t have a “rainy day fund,” try to set up a moving budget as far ahead of the move as possible so you can save up for it.

Organized Packing

If necessary, create a list of what you’ve packed. Determine which belongings are where, where the valuables and most fragile items are located, and what should be loaded into the moving truck first and at the end. Mark the boxes clearly with labels indicating contents and room destination. Don’t forget to pack a backpack, small suitcase, or box full of just your personal belongings that you will need immediately the first day and night you spend at your new residence.

Don’t Rush

When you have a limited timetable to move, it’s easier to feel more burdened. Try to avoid being in a hurry while you go through the planning, packing, and loading processes. Take breaks, keep hydrated and satiated, and stay rested. Starting the moving process as early as possible is always the best way to go. And remember, A Mother’s Touch Movers offers boxes and packing materials as well as full and partial packing and unpacking services.

Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule your stress-free move!

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