Published on April 2, 2020

How to Survive Selling Your House from Far Away


When you decide to list your home, reality sets in. There’s so much to get done before the sign goes up in your yard. Maybe you have a list a mile long full of all the things you were going to get to…eventually, and now the time isn’t on your side. Whether you’ve got to update fixtures or paint your entire home, it can feel like a lot. Once you get all the changes made and the updates in place, the real fun begins: waiting. Waiting for your house to be shown. Waiting for the right offer. Waiting for papers to be signed. You get the picture.


Now, imagine all that waiting from another state.


A Mother’s Touch Movers has had the pleasure of helping so many families with their Melbourne, FL moves. We are Brevard’s premier professional moving company, serving areas like Merritt Island, Palm Bay, and Viera. We can create a moving package catered to your individual needs. From start to finish, we have you covered with professional services and all the packing supplies you need. We know that a move can be stressful and for those of you who are selling from somewhere else, we’ve got some tips to help ease your stress and make your transition a little less worrisome.


1. Find a great realtor

This one is key! If you are going to be selling your home from somewhere else, you need to hire a Realtor that you trust to get the job done. Now isn’t the time to go with your best friend’s cousin’s mom to do the job (unless they have stellar reviews). You don’t have let your babysitter, who just got her real estate license, use your home as her guinea pig. Nope. Choose someone you know will go the distance for you.


A good Realtor will make sure the lines of communication are open and available. They will know and UNDERSTAND the market where you live. They will keep you aware of viewings and possibilities. They will market your home and make sure the word is out.


2. Keep communication open

This falls in line right behind hiring the right Realtor. Here’s the deal, when you sign with a Realtor, don’t be shy about your communication needs. If you expect that your Realtor will make you aware of any showings, say so. If you want feedback from potential buyers, you’ve got to let your Realtor know. It is best to put everything out on the table BEFORE you sign rather than deal with disappointment afterward. If you cannot get ahold of your agent, something has to change.


Sometimes you have to fire your Realtor. We certainly hope this won’t happen to you, but should the need arise, you need to know your rights. You need to know what type of listing agreement you are signing. Most listing agreements have a predetermined time limit such as 3 or 6 months. Before you sign, know how long you have. If you want out before then, there may be penalties.


3. Hire a lawn service

Curb appeal is huge when it comes to selling your home. Many would-be buyers will cruise right on by your home if the grass is tall and the shrubs are out of control. We all know how quickly grass grows here in Melbourne, FL, and if you aren’t there to take care of it…who will?


We highly recommend that you hire a lawn service to take care of your yard once you head out of town. You will want to keep the greenery alive and kept up. Your home’s exterior, no matter how wonderful it is on the inside, might be the thing that attracts (or detracts) the perfect buyer.


4. Try to keep your sanity in check

Breathe. No one enjoys the process of selling their home. Even when you have some control over the outcome, listing a home is hard. When you add distance into the mix, things get even more complicated.


We know this is not an easy time for you, but do your best to be patient. The right family for your home is out there. This may just take longer than you’d hoped for.

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