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How to Pack Your Home Office Computer

How to Pack Your Home Office Computer

If you work from home, you definitely know just how crucial the items in your home office are to the success of your business and your well-being. From files and business receipts to office supplies and furniture, your home office is the heart of your business. You spent a lot of time arranging your belongings in the best way possible to ensure form and function. You like things the way they are. You found the best spot for your desk, after a long and arduous search for the perfect one. You chose the chair that gives you ergonomic support and displays your style. Momentous of your successes are displayed just so. Everything is perfect.

And then you sell your home…and packing up your office begins.

For freelancers and home business professionals, packing up their office can be a very stressful time. Not only are they prepping for a move, but practically everything in the room is associated with the business and it has to be packed with care. There is one item, however, that must be packed strategically because it holds all precious business information: the office computer. Losing files and data on an office computer translates into big dollar losses and time that will be hard to replace. A Mother’s Touch Movers, located in Melbourne, FL, offers the absolute best moving services for residential and business moves. We have had the honor of assisting families and corporations move their belongings and commodities for years now. We know how stressful the packing process can be and can help you pack your home and office start to finish. For those of you who would like to go it alone, here are some great tips on making sure your computer makes it safe.

The first thing you need to do according to most experts is back up your data. You can do this by purchasing an external hard drive or utilizing some sort of cloud software. Whatever you choose, make sure all the information associated with your business is located somewhere else too just in case something happens to your computer in transition

Next, you need to gather the appropriate supplies in order to pack everything. You will need a sturdy box (if you kept the one your computer came in initially, all the better), bubble wrap, tape, and any labels you feel necessary. Before you begin the process of packing, be sure to take a few pictures of your set up so that you know what cords go where when it comes time to set up again.

Unplug all the cords from your monitor, tower, keyboard, speakers, and mouse. You will want to coil them separately and use Velcro strips or even twist ties to keep each individual cord separate. This will make unpacking so much easier because you will not have to deal with de-tangling a mass of cords. Once this is complete, time to pull out the bubble wrap.

Angie’s List suggests laying out the bubble wrap with the bubble side up and begin the wrapping with your computer’s tower. Carefully cover every surface and tape accordingly to ensure the wrap is secure around your tower. After this, move on to the monitor. Cover all sides and make sure there is no risk of the bubble wrap slipping or coming off.

To make sure the box you are using is prepared to handle the heavy load, pad it with newspaper, packing paper, and bubble wrap. The more cushion the better. Once the box is prepped load your tower in and follow that with the monitor. These are the two most important pieces to your computer so don’t skimp on any of the steps. Next, layer in more packing paper and add the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and cords. Securely fasten the box and label it so that you know where it needs to end up. You are done!

Packing a home office computer can be scary considering how significant the item is. If you are nervous about handling this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We love helping people in Brevard County and beyond feel confident in their move and look forward to assisting you.

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