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How To Pack Toys

How To Pack Toys

Nothing represents safety and comfort to your children like their beloved toys and blankies. For families that are moving with young kids, if you want to save yourself quite a bit of heartache once you are in your new home, make sure you pack up their belongings safely. A Mother’s Touch Movers knows that moving can be challenging for your little ones. Perhaps all they have ever known is changing even if the move is simply across town. They see their stuffed animals, blocks, and trucks being packed away and may wonder if they will ever see them again. You have a big responsibility, mom and dad, to see that their things arrive safely. Let’s take a look at the best ways to pack up precious items for children.

Leave a Few Out

We often recommend keeping a few pertinent items like paperwork and medications out and easily accessible during your move. This can save you time and heartache in the event of a move gone awry. The same can be said for special toys, blankets, well-loved books, and stuffed bears. If your child is attached to a few items in particular and you have room, you can let these articles travel with you whether it be across town or across the country.

Moves can be hard on children for a variety of reasons. At times it can be the reasons behind a move such as a divorce, job loss, etc. According to Psychology Today, children often internalize the stress of their parents, so having a known and loved tangible object to hold onto in the transition is a great idea.

Sort Before You Pack

Let’s be honest, if your family is like most there are broken toys with missing pieces all around the house. Do you really want to pack them for a move? We suggest having a sorting season before you pack up. You toss what isn’t functional anymore and let your kids help you create a pile of toys that can be donated. This will lighten your packing load and take a load off your back at the same time.

Pack and Line

Small toys have tons of fragile pieces and it is tempting to toss them all into a big box and call it a day. However, you need to choose boxes wisely when it comes to packing these items. Large toys will benefit from bigger boxes, naturally, but be sure you line them with packing paper to give the box a proper cushion. Did you know that we sell packing supplies for all your needs? We can help you decide which box is best for the toys you have.

Bags are Your Friend

Garbage bags and large Ziploc bags are great for packing up plush toys. You don’t need to worry about roughing up hard edges and you can pack them easily within. One thing to note is that these do not hold up well for long-term storage so if that’s your plan, choose another packing option.

Our goal is to make your Melbourne, FL move as easy as possible. We know that all moves have their unexpected moments but our team of professional movers is here to help you every step of the way.

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