Published on February 11, 2020

How to Nail the Final Walk-Through


One of the most exciting aspects of purchasing a new home in Melbourne, FL is the final walk-through. If you are not familiar with this term, it is the last time that you and your Realtor do a thorough inspection of your new property right before closing occurring anywhere from a few days to mere hours before closing paperwork is signed. It’s a time in the purchase process where you make sure that all the repair items and requests that were agreed upon by you and the seller were fulfilled. It is also your last chance to check that the home is in the agreed-upon condition before signing off. A Mother’s Touch Movers knows that that this will be a nerve-wracking yet immensely thrilling experience for you and we want to help you breeze through with ease. Here are some important things to check off your list during the final walk-through to ensure that you’ve gotten all you were promised from the current sellers.


Make Sure All Requests Were Fulfilled

Oftentimes part of the negation process involves asking the seller to take care of certain items in and around the house. After a professional completes an exhaustive home inspection, a list of repair requests is created and presented to the sellers. An agreement is eventually reached and sellers are contractually obligated to fulfill the agreed-upon requests. For example, an air-conditioner may need to be replaced before the sale can go through. Perhaps a faulty garage door needs to be updated. Whatever the case may be, these repairs must happen and your final walk-through is the last chance you have to verify the changes were made. Be sure to pay attention. Check off all repairs and don’t settle for a job left undone.

Is Everything Here?

During the negation process, buyers and sellers agree upon what will be left in the home after the purchase. This list may include items like window dressings, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, even furniture pieces. Every sale is different so make sure that everything you agreed upon is still there during your last look-see.


Do the Appliances Work?

No doubt these were tested during the inspection, but double-check during the walk-through to make sure nothing happened after the fact.


Is There Any Mold?

Mold can set in quickly, even between the time of the inspection and final walkthrough. Florida is especially damp and the humidity creates a mold-friendly environment. Check the sinks and bathrooms for mold before your walk-through is complete.


Check the Bathroom

Speaking of bathrooms, make sure that the toilets are still in working order and the faucets are not leaking.


Is the Home Clean?

While there is no hard and fast definition of “clean” when it comes to the condition of your home, buyers do have the right to expect that the property is reasonably clean. Once you move you will want to do your own deep clean, but there shouldn’t be trash, excessive dirt or mold, etc. left behind.


You’ve got a lot to take care of just before closing on your new home. Packing up and devoting a ton of time and energy to your move doesn’t have to be part of it. Let A Mother’s Touch Movers help you with your Melbourne, FL residential move. We have everything you need for a successful move without the hassle of doing it yourself. If you’re looking for reliable, professional movers in the Palm Bay or Viera areas, contact our office today.

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