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How to Move Your Cat with Less Stress

How to Move Your Cat with Less Stress

Your precious kitty cat sure does make your life a lot sweeter. Cats, while incredibly independent, know how to brighten your day with the swish of their tails or a quick snuggle just to let you know they adore you. If you’ve had a cat for any length of time, you also know how territorial they can be. Cats prefer familiarity and do not tend to enjoy change. They like their creature comforts and desire their own safe places, making moving with a feline challenging. They also tend to detest car rides of any length. So, how do you make the transition to your new home with as little stress on your cat as possible? Here are some great tips and tricks to help you get kitty adapt to the move.


This may sound odd, but long before your move, you should begin to prepare your animal for what is coming. Kitties prefer the known and if you have never attempted using a carrier with yours, now is the time to begin. You don’t have to start with a long road trip; you don’t even need to start in the car. Familiarity is key. Begin by purchasing a carrier that is appropriately sized for your pet. Introduce the carrier you will be using well before your move and let your cat get comfortable with it. Let them investigate on their own schedule and then give it a go with a few trips in the car.

Keep Your Stress Level Low

Pets can sense your stress. They know when you are upset, agitated, and simply done with something. We all know a move can cause all of these emotions and more, so do your best to keep yourself as calm as possible. This will be good for you and great for your cat.

Pack Smart

Does your kitty have toys he or she loves to tangle with? Are there objects that give them comfort? If so, be sure to have them close at hand during the move. Your pet will be traveling with you in your vehicle so pack their items in your car as well. This will allow for easy access and quick comfort for your pet.

Take It Slow

Once you have arrived at your new place, do any pet-proofing BEFORE you present your cat to their new home. You may want to consider introducing the new space a little at a time. You can do this by keeping your kitty with you in a bedroom for a few days and then gradually allowing them into their new living space.

Moving can be traumatizing to pets, especially cats who crave comfort and the known. By taking these steps, you can help your cat transition and keep their stress as low as possible. To keep yourself stress-free, why not call A Mother’s Touch Movers? We are a professional moving company located in Melbourne, FL with over 30 years of experience. We will take the load off your back by placing it in our capable hands. Contact us today and let’s get moving.

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