Published on September 21, 2016

How To Make Your Move Easier

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Moving isn’t something that most of us put on our list of top ten favorite things to do. Here at A Mother’s Touch Movers, we know that you probably don’t relish packing up all of your belongings, renting a truck, loading up your possessions, and trekking to a new location. That’s why we’ve made the moving process so simple! From seniors in assisted living facilities here in Brevard County, FL to commercial businesses and residential moves, we are staffed with moving professionals to assist you every step of the way, on your terms.

Movers see a lot during the course of their jobs. We get asked a lot of questions about what customers can do to make the move a more streamlined and stress-free experience. Movers are not magicians, but we do have some tips on how to get the most out of your moving experience. We know there are tons of things you would rather be doing than uprooting your residence and spending the day packing and unloading. Here are some great tips to make your experience pain-free:

Decide What You Want From Your Mover

Mo If you would prefer to pack up your belongings yourself, go for it! Just make sure you have the job completed before the movers arrive. If you would rather a moving service do the packing for you, most are able to accommodate this request. Some people only need assistance loading and/or unloading their packing trucks. If you know you will have lots of help packing up on moving day, perhaps this is the best option for you. Whatever you choose, you will need to make up your mind long before moving day.

A Mother’s Touch Movers can help you pack, load and unload, essentially taking care of the hard part. We can also create a custom package tailored to your specific needs.

Do Your Homework

With so many moving companies out there, it would serve you well to do your homework. Ask friends and family about their experiences with a specific moving company. Read reviews or, better yet, come talk to the moving company in person and ask all the questions you need to!

Let the Movers Do Their Jobs

When you hire a moving company like A Mother’s Touch Movers, you are hiring professionals who are specially trained. We know that your belongings are important to you and will treat them with respect and care.

We often have clients who want to go the extra mile and assist us with loading our trucks or removing boxes once we reach their new homes. While we appreciate their eagerness, everyone is served best when clients step aside and let us handle things, especially if you have heavy or cumbersome items. If you choose A Mother’s Touch Movers, your job on moving day is to let us do the heavy lifting, and enjoy the transition to your new home.

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